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Paddling on the Yarra Then there woulddddin Hawthorn

Created by sKlenny A week ago, 14 Feb 2020
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14 Feb 2020 6:58AM
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Hey everybody!

I recently moved to Hawthorn and think about to do some paddle trainings with my surfboard on the Yarra, near the Hawthorn Rowing Club.
First of all, if anybody is interested to join, tell me!
Second of all, how would you rate concerns about paddling on the Yarra?
Mainly I'm refering to probable fines and unfriendly rowers.
I think swimming is/was prohibited south to Abbotsford.
But since I would paddle on a surfboard I would be something inbetween a swimmer and a rower. Does anyone knows how to rate this and what possible fines could be?
Then there would just be rowers who could maybe yell at you (maybe not) and the water quality.
back in the day the Yarra should have been pretty dirty due to old sewerage systems (after heavy rain) and industry.
But last year a new law (Yarra River Protection Act) has been made. And since the last 50 years there are initiatives to get the Yarra cleaner.

Should I consider any other points too?


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"Paddling on the Yarra Then there woulddddin Hawthorn" started by sKlenny