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WA surfspots for beginner or young kids

Created by stoked77 1 month ago, 18 Oct 2023
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18 Oct 2023 5:10AM
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Hi there
We are a Swiss surfing family with two kids of 7 and 10 years.
We will travel to WA for two month next March/April. Our plan is to make first a south loop (Perth - Esperance and along the coast back to Perth). Next a North loop (Perth - along the coast up to Exmouth and back to Perth).
We will take also our surfboards with us and I like to ask you where are the places we should check out for a
surf along this journey.
Below some details about us:
- My youngest just startet surfing and she doesn't need more than some small rolling whitewater in chest deep water, where I can push here into the wave.
- My oldest can paddle the waves by him own, but he can't do duck dives or paddle against stronger currents
or bigger waves. So any smooth breaking little wave of 1-3ft will be awesome for him.
- My wive does normally longboarding and she prefer also smooth little waves not bigger than 3ft. But here long board needs to stay home and she needs to use a smaller board for this trip as the big one will no fit the airplane.
- For me, the waves can also be slightly bigger and faster. Lets say my surf skills are intermediated. So, no super fast tubing waves, no shallow reefs or so.

So far all I found out about surfing in WA is: long paddle outs, strong currents, strong winds, big waves, crowded spots and risk of sharks.
not really what I tried to find for the above explained skills. But I am sure there will be still some places we should check out without sending my family into risky situations.
Which places can you recommend us along the coast between Esperance and Exmouth.
thx a lot

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18 Oct 2023 2:31PM
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On the south coast (between Esperance and Augusta) you should be able to find some protected corners with smaller, rolling waves suitable for what you are after. Be aware that March/April is when Australian salmon (different fish to Atlantic salmon) migrate along the South and Southwestern coasts, and sharks do follow these schools of fish. The SW region may be a bit more difficult - there are still some waves suitable for beginners but these can be very crowded. On a small swell with easterly winds, many of the exposed beach breaks may suit your needs. If unsure, don't go out. The waves in WA can be far more powerful than what you'd experience in most of Europe.
further north, between Perth and Geraldton there are a series of beach breaks and reefs that can offer fun waves, Lancelin Back beach would suit what you are after, as would Wedge Island (you'll need a proper 4WD and feel comfortable driving on sand for this one - remember to let your tires down!).
between Geraldton and Exmouth, it gets pretty remote and the waves are heavy. definitely not suitable for beginners unfamiliar with powerful reef teams. In Exmouth itself, you can check out Wobiri beach on low tide - it's a great spot for beginners on the western side of the cape. You can also hire surfboards from Exmouth Surf Centre (including longboards). They run surf lessons at Wobiri. Have a look north of Wobiri for some fun reef breaks that are more suited to intermediate or better surfers.

good luck!

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18 Oct 2023 5:42PM
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Along the south coast, you can often find family friendly waves at Ocean Beach (Denmark), Nanarup Beach (Albany), Blossoms Beach (Bremer Bay), and Cape Le Grand Beach (Esperance). These usually have a gradual sand floor, suitable for beginners. Just be aware that the Esperance area has had several fatal shark attacks in recent years. If in doubt, don't paddle out. These are all beautiful spots anyway, so have a look, and enjoy.

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23 Nov 2023 10:03AM
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Nice project!


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