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Chocolate avocado milkshake.

Created by Al Planet A week ago, 26 Mar 2020
Al Planet
TAS, 1473 posts
26 Mar 2020 1:14PM
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I'm talking about strange combinations of rigs and foils that shouldn't work but do. I was at the beach a few weekends ago and rigged up a foil board ( Starboard foil x 145 plus supercruiser)with a 5 m Blade for my son and a Windsurfer Lt for me. Later in the afternoon I got a chance to use the foil board but the wind was to light for me. I am 25 kg heavier than them. Instead of rigging a 7.5 I thought I would just plug the LT rig in thinking that the wind would be gone soon. Surprisingly this was a pretty fun combo the soft LT rig delivers heaps of power to get onto the foil and despite the long boom wasn't that hard to gybes. The wind stayed and I ended up with a great foiling session. I dont have photos but the combination of a 190 board with a 220 boom length must have looked strange.

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26 Mar 2020 9:22PM
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Chocolate and avocado? Don't tell my wife. She'd love it.

She windsurfs on big slalom gear (that I rig for her as her caddy), but does not foil. So, her combinations are more "normal." LOL

QLD, 1251 posts
27 Mar 2020 2:19PM
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Once I forgot the fins for my big slalom board. I only had my 96L freestyle board.
I gave it a go mixing a 9m RS6 slalom sail with the 96L freestyle board.
I couldn't get planning of course...

I also forgot my boom for the 7m and use the boom of my 9m with maybe 30cm between the sail clew and the boom. The width of the boom compared to the width of the small slalom board makes it really weird.

da vecta
QLD, 2468 posts
28 Mar 2020 4:04PM
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Anything I rig is usually like a chocolate and Prawn milkshake


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"Chocolate avocado milkshake." started by Al Planet