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Mast for swell riding and ocean play

Created by Peter Hands 1 month ago, 10 May 2019
Peter Hands
VIC, 59 posts
10 May 2019 8:42PM
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What length Mast is everyone finding works best for carving around on decent rolling ocean/bay swells, doing upwind/downwind windfoil sessions in 15+ knots - away from shore and from the wavebreaks

I'm used to the faster foil gear (eg. SB Race & GT), but confused about masts for the more maneuverable foils and looser boards - somewhere between 70 and 95, based on reading the forums ... but any advice would be great!

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10 May 2019 11:09PM
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I found the original 60cm mast on my SS Infinitiy 84 foil too short, just breaching too often.
I bought a 70cm and that 10cm really make a difference. Quite happy with it.
I wouldn't want longer, since getting in and out of the water in wavy conditions or riding over shallow sandbars is tricky with a a 70+ mast.
(I have a 90 cm mast on my carbon windfoil, but use it only in flatwater).

13 May 2019 7:22AM
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Hi Peter

Good Quistions.

We do do a lot of open ocean windfoiling here in WA from 10-25kts.
All riders using the 90cm mast. Wave sails - freeride. 3.7-5.9 + fun manoeuvrable boards ( Slingshot Wizard 125 or 105L)

I can can only see it as a advantage as you have more room to move up and down. Especially in rolling swell and larger chops.

70cm will for sure work as Alex pointed out, but when you are used to 90cm, then it is harder to go back to a shorter mast.

I would only consider the 70cm if you are worried about the slightly shallower spots. Like Alex mentioned.

VIC, 42 posts
13 May 2019 5:50PM
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Peter I use the SB GT-R for all conditions (85cm carbon mast/ 95 fuse).
2m Port Philip chop (25kt southerly) no worries, just bend the knees.

Peter Hands
VIC, 59 posts
14 May 2019 8:25AM
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Thanks guys, super helpful!

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14 May 2019 4:29PM
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Have to say it also depends on your shorebreak a little, if its 20+ or even 30+ knots i go shorter (75) otherwise longer (90cm), because the difference in time it takes to get deep enough to launch is immense (north sea, short waves, takes 10 min more with the longer mast to start when its really rough)


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