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Starboard wave foil for windfoiling?

Created by TJay Two weeks ago, 5 Sep 2018
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5 Sep 2018 3:41AM
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Hey: I'm currently using the Starboard GT alum foil for windsurfing on the Hypernut 4in1 and everything is working great. But...I'd like to go a bit slower, get going in lighter winds and start to turn on the swells. Any comments on windfoiling with the new SB Wave or Wave Pro foils with a 67cm fuselage and the 75 cm alum mast for windfoiling ? Any suggestions on which foil and size: Wave or Wave Pro 1300 - 1700 and 230-370? It's unlikely that anyone has tried one for windfoiling, but any guesses?

I could get a GoFoil IWA/Maliko200 but I'd really like to stay with the Starboard setup.

Here's the info on the Wave Foils:


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15 Sep 2018 3:54AM
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I like you're school of thought. Have you asked the SB guys their thoughts on running that configuration?

I too have the GT, and recently added the longer fuse with the smaller stabilizer. I'm getting up in lighter wind already. However, I have the 1100cm front wing coming to add to my collection, the goal is similar to what you want to do. When I get the 1100 (It's been back ordered), I'll let you know how it goes.


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