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Wind foil for kitefoil

Created by warwickl Friday, 7 Dec 2018
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Friday , 7 Dec 2018 4:55PM
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Ok I know windsurfing and kiting should not be used in the same entrance.
However wonding if any have dared to use their wind foil wings for kite foiling and if so how was it?

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Saturday , 8 Dec 2018 1:03AM
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Works fine. Without specifics, just locate the front wing between your feet.

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Saturday , 8 Dec 2018 3:16AM
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I tried my Slingshot H2 windfoil wing for kiting and I hated it. That said it was a brief freezing cold session, not ideal for experimenting. With more tweaking i probably would have had more success. I was using the appropriate shorter kiting fuselage, not the long windoiling one that puts it really far forward. For me the biggest differece was that since the wing was so big it would immediately put me up on the foil so fast that I wasn't even ready for it, I'm used to taxiing first with a smaller wing. Perhaps had I been on a 7m instead of a 9m kite I would have been okay. If I was on a twin tip I would have been on a 12m kite in those conditions. I know people successfully foil no problem with foils bigger than the H2 so I think it was just a matter of getting used to the bigger wing. I am a lousy intermediate kitefoiler but I felt like using this big wing made me a beginner again. I hope this helps


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