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Created by GINats > 9 months ago, 24 Mar 2016
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11 Jun 2016 11:03AM
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I would like to thank all the people that made GI happen you are a special bunch dedicating your time for us to sail.
It was a freak chance to have an east coast low stuff up the consistent wind at GI and very disappointing for all concerned, but that is our sport.
I still had an unreal time meeting and making new friends doing snorkelling etc that you would normally not do.
All in all a great time.
I feel privileged to have won the GPS against so many brilliant windsurfers.
Thanks to my wife and sponsors The Windsurfing Shed,Maui sails, Exocet boards that allowed this to happen.
Please do it again next year it is a trip of a life time.

NSW, 947 posts
11 Jun 2016 11:11AM
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Close between 2nd and 3rd! 0.05 NM translates to Justin and Kel being 93 metres apart at the end after sailing neck and neck for an hour.

QLD, 404 posts
11 Jun 2016 2:53PM
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Well done Byron, Justin, Kel and all who competed! The event showed that even if the wind skunked out we could have a great time. Many thanks to all the organisers- great job. Gotta be there next year!!!

Dean 424
NSW, 440 posts
11 Jun 2016 8:48PM
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Thanks Ian, John, Simon, Kelly, Kaleb and Jodi and possibly Ben with his dodgy computer skills and any others I have missed for organising and running the event as the framework was there just missing the wind. Also well done to Michael, who deservedly won the Masters!

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14 Jun 2016 3:12PM
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Clive Beeeeeeeeeeat Meeeeeeeee !!!!!!!

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14 Jun 2016 3:20PM
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Was there a result for the slalom

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15 Jun 2016 4:58PM
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Well done to all the winners, such a shame about the wind conditions and not being able to get a result for the slalom but as we all know thats just part of our sport unfortunately. So close Kel you have such a fantastic local hopefully next year conditions will return and those that haven't seen GI at its best will get to experience winds like we had in 2014!

QLD, 22 posts
16 Jun 2016 12:36AM
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John340 said..
Was there a result for the slalom

Refer to the website:-

For Slalom Table 1, all heats for Rounds 1 & 2 were completed; no Heats in the Round 3 Finals were sailed. Prizes were awarded for Youth, Grand Masters (1st only) and Women; there was no clear result for the Open division.

QLD, 657 posts
16 Jun 2016 7:57PM
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AUS729 said...
Clive Beeeeeeeeeeat Meeeeeeeee !!!!!!!

You can get your own back next year


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