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AL 360 carbon boom 140 - 190

Created by Pcdefender 1 month ago, 30 Oct 2023
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30 Oct 2023 9:19PM
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Was given a 140 -190 E3 carbon model for free. It is maybe 5 years old.

First try today in 15 to 25 knots with an older 5.4 race sail.

Been using a NP X9 140-190 for over a year with the same sail.

X9 is approx 250g lighter. 2.4 kgs including lines compared to 2.6 kgs with the 360 boom, lines included. Noticeable especially on slow gybes.

The X9 is still stiff with 30 cms of extension.

However, the AL 360 is much stiffer again. At least two levels stiffer and probably more.

The 360 feels like a piece of kryptonite.

I was worried about the smaller length of the front end of the 360 may not feel as secure as the X9 but if anything, it felt more secure and rigid.

Stiffest boom I've ever come across hands down.

Overall, i think i prefer the lighter more throw about feel of the X9.

Going to swap after each sail for a different feel.

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1 Nov 2023 8:01AM
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For sure, they are super stiff booms, maybe not the lightest but built to last. I have three of the E3 slalom booms, small, medium and large.

The adjuster clips need replacing every couple of years, but other than that, they seem bullet proof.

I purchased mine over 10 years ago, and I suspect they'll last me until the day I have to swap my windsurfing kit for a zimmer frame...

I like it when I buy kit knowing it'll last for ever, that's a rare thing in our sport.

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4 Nov 2023 5:46PM
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E3 carbon slim 140-190 is great .. only 25mm but has a slight v-grip, so super comfortable and skinny.

Downside .. the plastic fittings are junk .. guess they have survived for 5 years with a few small cracks but you'd think they could upgrade to some good quality plastic pretty easily :(

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4 Nov 2023 8:53PM
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I've had two Pryde booms and both felt spongey on the head. Just didn't feel it had a good tight fit to the mast.

I use the Enigma booms now, best I've ever had, good geometry, nice head fitting and good back end.

Although I did have to pay for them, a free carbon boom is great, well done.

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4 Nov 2023 6:02PM
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If you use a sail of identical size that is 259g heavier or lighter the difference in feel is only moderate.

Use a boom that is 250g heavier and you will feel it a lot more.

Think its the same with masts as well.

Might be to do with swing weight.

Going to use my lighter X9 140-190 with my biggest sail a 6.3 which i use with around 185cms outhaul.

Keep the AL 360 boom for my 5.4 and 5m.

The feel is so different to my X9.

The X9 feels like a plastic fantastic by comparison.

The V grip is near the t the front end and it does add something nice to booms i agree.


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