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Al McLeod megawave

Created by albentley > 9 months ago, 13 Aug 2015
NSW, 291 posts
13 Aug 2015 12:18PM
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Surprised this hasn't been posted yet!

VIC, 5000 posts
13 Aug 2015 1:47PM
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From the article;

[I]"There are two big rocks” says McLeod.[i]

You are bang on there Al!

WA, 891 posts
13 Aug 2015 11:50AM
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I remember when I sailed it, I was much deeper in the pit!

NSW, 988 posts
13 Aug 2015 2:40PM
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Yeah but the wipeouts aren't as bad in your dreams

QLD, 1285 posts
13 Aug 2015 5:16PM
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Holy meatballs Al, that is hectic.

Good on you for charging it.


VIC, 1419 posts
13 Aug 2015 6:52PM
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(By the way it's "Antarctic", Mr Sampiero)

Al McLeod
VIC, 633 posts
13 Aug 2015 7:07PM
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Yeah it was terrifying but exhilarating. The wind totally died and I was just floating around watching these huge waves rolling in without being able to get anywhere near catching them. It puffed up just enough to pump onto a few - very difficult to get down the face because they were moving so fast under me. Would be good to try again with more wind.

dan berry
WA, 2562 posts
13 Aug 2015 7:18PM
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Siiiiiick effort mate!!!

Long Reef
NSW, 558 posts
13 Aug 2015 10:48PM
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Ben Severne
WA, 192 posts
13 Aug 2015 11:59PM
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That's pretty nuts! Impressed!


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