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Albert Park Lake

Created by TheSailingMoose > 9 months ago, 26 Aug 2014
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26 Aug 2014 3:19PM
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Im going to Albert Park lake for a dinghy regatta and wondering if its worth taking my kit for a sail?
Can you sailboard there? Is it any good?
I've never been there before, only seen google maps images.

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26 Aug 2014 3:29PM
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Not allowed to sailboard there, so it could be an expensive exercise if you do. It would be gusty as anything in most directions- fine for a dinghy though.

Stick to Middle Park if you really want to use your kit.

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26 Aug 2014 8:26PM
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Back in the late 90's maybe early 00's (cant remember exactly) we had Wally & Mistral One Design State titles on the lake during the grand prix. The idea was that if there was a big stack the TV's had something to cut to while they cleared the track.

Bottom was horrendously muddy, wind was mega gusty, made for interesting racing as you really had to look for shifts & knocks. Will be fun tactical dinghy racing but no good for windsurfing. From there you're only few minutes from Port Melb/St Kilda, just go sail on the bay there.... if there's wind that is.


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