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Auckland or Sydney better?

Created by snova12 7 months ago, 10 Aug 2018
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10 Aug 2018 7:40PM
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I'm from Auckland and am thinking of moving to Sydney.

Mostly for the better economy/more jobs and nice weather and a change.

I have been learning to windsurf and want to continue it. How does Sydney compare to Auckland for windsurfing?

I already know WA would be better for windsurfing but I am not sure about that now.


Brett Morris
NSW, 1140 posts
11 Aug 2018 12:28AM
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Excellent competitive scene in most disciplines. Lots of recreation spots also. I'll say very good really.

QLD, 1022 posts
11 Aug 2018 6:22AM
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From ome huge snarling city to another

WA, 28 posts
11 Aug 2018 4:52AM
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Did the move from Auckland to Sydney back around 2000 and had the same questions. I'd say without a doubt Sydney is better for sailing; loads of good spots for all disciplines, including wave sailing on both tacks. Was great for improving. Plus good surfing as well of course. Traffic is mad in Sydney, but then again so is Auckland now. There is quite an active windsurf scene Sydney/NSW I believe.

If you go I would recommend living or working near the coast or bay(s) so as to reduce travel times; 'popping down to the beach for a look' from Parramatta or Penrith is not really a thing


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