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Awesome Android Australia Wind Widgets

Created by wind012 2 months ago, 13 Jan 2019
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13 Jan 2019 2:51AM
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Just thought I'd share this awesome Android app which I have enjoyed for years in case it is helpful for others.. AUS Wind

Install app, add widgets for each of your favorite BoM locations, enjoy up to date wind readings on your home screen with color coded flags (combined with a shortcut icon to MetEye and a few other widgets for your calendar, tasks, emails, then it is the perfect Home screen for me so far!)

Keen to hear of other apps or other options that people use, other than Home screen Chrome shortcuts to BoM or Magicseaweed website pages. I've tried a few apps (free and paid) but they never stuck for me.


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"Awesome Android Australia Wind Widgets" started by wind012