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Best spot to teach kids

Created by Yuppy > 9 months ago, 9 Dec 2015
VIC, 583 posts
9 Dec 2015 10:05PM
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What do you think is the best spot to teach kids? say around ten years old.

flat water

nearby accomodation

no strong currents

warm water would be a plus

shallow, so they can stand


i know now I just described Bonaire, but I'm looking for spots in australia.

VIC, 2495 posts
10 Dec 2015 6:37AM
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Inverloch, lots of flat water, sandbars, warm air in summer and friendly locals

NSW, 8720 posts
10 Dec 2015 9:23AM
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New Caledonia?

Can I hijack this thread a little and ask "Best spot to teach kids / family windsurf holiday"?

WA, 3329 posts
10 Dec 2015 8:37AM
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Dunsborough WA is a good spot for this, and Daddy can go play at Margaret River in the afternoon.

Mark _australia
WA, 19255 posts
10 Dec 2015 9:30AM
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Coronation Beach, north of Geraldton, is everything on your list but no accom.... but it is good camping with toilets

QLD, 1596 posts
10 Dec 2015 11:57AM
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Lake Cootharaba QLD, generally waste to chest deep, great for learning

QLD, 342 posts
10 Dec 2015 12:03PM
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Haggar said..
Lake Cootharaba QLD, generally waste to chest deep, great for learning

There is a caravan park right on the water at Boreen Point and another at Elanda Point. In front of the park at Boreen Point is a large area of sandbank that is covered by knee deep water that is very Good for learning. Water is lovely and warm. Water clarity is the only minus because it does not have that blue/green tinge of the ocean. Works with winds from south to north.

QLD, 212 posts
10 Dec 2015 1:25PM
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^^^ second the above two, Lake Cootharaba. Best spot for learning I've come across in QLD. Down in Vic, I'd say some of the shallower bay beaches down the Mornington Peninsula end, in certain directions, like Safety Beach or Rye

NSW, 887 posts
10 Dec 2015 3:53PM
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Great Lakes Sailing Club, on Wallis Lake near Forster, NSW.

Also Marmong Point in Lake Macquarie (just watch out for sharks!) and Sanctuary Point on NSW South Coast.

Kyeemagh at Botany Bay is great as well, but a lot of swimmers and jetskis can make the shallows very busy.

As you have said, key ingredients are warm water, waist deep, constant 5-10 knots wind.

NSW, 169 posts
10 Dec 2015 7:11PM
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Narrabeen Lakes:- Shallow, warm protected waters, enough to stand most places, centre boards touch in a few spots as do fins.

NSW, 712 posts
15 Dec 2015 8:46AM
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A great spot on South coast of NSW: Sanctuary Point- shallow water, safe, windy, and the key ingredient which is lots of kids for inspiration (not unusual to have 15 kids aged from 6 to 14 there in January):,point,kids

QLD, 1011 posts
15 Dec 2015 10:37AM
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Haggar said...
Lake Cootharaba QLD, generally waste to chest deep, great for learning

+++++ camping at Elanda pt Cootharaba
Heaps of kids and windsurfers.

Shallow warm water

Kids movies at night

NSW, 1104 posts
15 Dec 2015 10:44AM
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Gotta add Canton Beach on the NSW Central Coast.


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