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Bic Techno 148

Created by xxwindsurfer 8 months ago, 14 Feb 2018
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14 Feb 2018 8:35AM
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This board has a very different construction than most boards. Basically a foam compressed into a plastic shell called Ace Tec. Interestingly it does not have a vent plug and apparently is very durable.
i have early intermediate skills.

any comments on this board will be greatly appreciated (It seems perfect for me)

Broken Fin
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14 Feb 2018 11:59AM
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A great freeride board. Easy planing and should work perfect as "starter" board.

SA, 1573 posts
14 Feb 2018 5:34PM
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Pretty average board when I was a beginner/intermediate. You can't go wrong with a JP

joe windsurf
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14 Feb 2018 6:55PM
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buddy had a Techno 160 and i had an AHD FF 160 when we started short boarding
we are both over 220 lbs/100 kilos - light weights
he paid less for the Techno and sold it for more - ding resistant - retains value better
i tried the Techno 160 once and did not like it
felt it was too "floaty" and felt every tiny water movement
when i aimed the AHD it went where i wanted it to go, but it was ding sensitive ...
believe people are using the Technos for foiling now and so that may be a possibility too


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