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COVID 19 Way of Life

Created by olskool A week ago, 25 Mar 2020
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25 Mar 2020 10:31AM
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Hey Crew, so this Covid 19 virus is certainly shaking up the world. Bringing the entire planet to a standstill.
I work in hospitality industry. Got sacked last week. No house to live in either as owner had to sell quickly.
All cool though. Ive got a 22ft boat id planned to live on.
Major bonus is i will anchor nearby my local windsurfin n fishin spot. BACK TO BASICS. Hardest choice for the next few months will be whether to go fish or go sail....
How is this virus changing your world??
Stay Safe n Well crew.

QLD, 2516 posts
25 Mar 2020 11:14AM
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My children live in VIC , can't see them . Daughter booked to come and see us next week

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25 Mar 2020 10:12AM
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well oldskool ,sounds like your the captain .

I'm stuck on a rock .no way in and no way out ...but nothings changed apart from all the pubs closing ...

and my favourite cafe ...but its time to spend more time in the water crowds there ... just hope to dodge the virus ..

I'm going into monk mode .solitude ..

VIC, 1460 posts
25 Mar 2020 1:56PM
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Hey olskool. I just dug up 5kg of potatoes from the back garden. Send me some fish and I'll send you raw materials for chips.

Working from home is even more tedious than being in the office. So I planted more potatoes.

QLD, 1700 posts
25 Mar 2020 1:22PM
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Mikey, now we are talking olskool trading.. Back to bartering. Im sure it will be in full swing in no time. Ive got my son preparing some extended vegie patches as i write. Might even try grow a cherry tomato onboard. Up the back of baitboard should be a good trellis.

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25 Mar 2020 12:20PM
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I'll pay top $$$ for toilet paper! What a joke!! I hope those in panic mode will relax and begin to realise we are not running out of toilet paper, and to just purchase as needed like before.

I am taking advantage of the outdoors. I'm doing all my exercising outdoors, since gyms have closed. What amazes me is that there is hardly any one out walking these days in Southern Oregon where I live. It's a ghost town over here. Everyone is inside it seems. I can't sit inside like that. I need the outdoor elements. If the weather would just warm up, I can get out windsurfing.

QLD, 7309 posts
25 Mar 2020 7:49PM
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It's bush tucker for me. I know I can eat nasturtium and purslane. That's about it.
Looks like I might have to raid the community garden.

QLD, 6325 posts
25 Mar 2020 10:12PM
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don't eat the yellow snow or barker's eggs

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25 Mar 2020 8:28PM
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Here in Florida the spring breakers ignored all calls for distancing and gathering of no more than 6 people. So, the governor closed all the beaches and told them all to go home. Not welcome. Yer outta here.

So, my favorite windfoiling beach is barricaded for the next (they say) three weeks. I have a couple alternative sites that are not off beaches, but the wind direction is not good for those spots. Just have to be creative. So far, we do not yet have a general lockdown. All restaurants, most stores, libraries, other public facilities are closed, but they are running drive-throughs and curbside pickup. Grocery stores and pharmacies are open. And, yes, the crazies here, too, have snapped up all the toilet paper.

We were going to fly back home to Washington state today. However, we changed it to mid May. If you have to hunker down, this is a good warm place to do it.

Stay safe out there. If you can get on the water, you are about as socially distanced as it's possible to be.

QLD, 393 posts
25 Mar 2020 11:17PM
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They probably don't have a toilet paper problem in France, but their bidet sales have gone through the roof ?? Now would be a good time to write that book, "101 Conspiracy Theories About the Covid-19 Virus", in time to cash in on the Christmas sales. ??

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25 Mar 2020 10:13PM
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USA here, some states are in lock down. Here in Colorado, all non essential business are closed.People are distancing 6 feet apart when out, ie grocery store. A general state of panic has overrun grocery stores, we have a hour at store opening dedicated to seniors and those with underlying medical conditions. Hoarding , amount 15-20 % of the populace , maybe more.
i go to a hospital for treatment, it's scary.
im concerned that the 3rd world countries can't fight this.

To continue with the humor expected on this forum.

You have learned how to wash your hands, now work on your turn signal.

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26 Mar 2020 5:44AM
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Hey Olskool, great attitude mate in these uncertain times.
NZ relies a lot on tourism and when boarders closed thought went to local tourism briefly.
Day 1 of lockdown in NZ today and days leading up from Monday announcement that yes correct thing to do.
My business stopped on Monday and applying for assistance, March was my best month since I started.

VIC, 2817 posts
26 Mar 2020 2:48PM
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Think of the poor ones that have had it and recovered. safe to go out but still can't.
or Those that have had it, recovered, but didn't know it and still waiting and trying not to get it.

VIC, 4950 posts
26 Mar 2020 5:53PM
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From what I have been reading, it seems likely that, in this country, very few, if any, will have had it and got past the infectious period (which is still not fully known yet) and are therefore immune. They are talking periods from infection to completely clear of up to 8 weeks, possibly more, even if you dont have it really bad.

It would be good to hear the latest info on this.

QLD, 1700 posts
26 Mar 2020 7:30PM
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^ the article Pacey put a link to in the other Covid thread is a BIG read. But plenty of info on what has been attempted to fight the virus etc.


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