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Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, etc Windsurfing Resort

Created by AnotherNZBrit > 9 months ago, 6 Sep 2016
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6 Sep 2016 8:44AM
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Does anyone know of a resort in one of the Pacific Islands which has windsurfing gear to hire? The only one I can find is Safari Lodge in Fiji but it doesn't get great reviews for the non-windsurfing stuff (rooms, food, etc)
I'm only been windsurfing 6 months so beginner conditions are ok. I'll be travelling with my partner and our two young kids.


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6 Sep 2016 10:21AM
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Plantation island fiji...has a bit ,not flash but will get you going .
cook islands .captain Tamas .they have a site .

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6 Sep 2016 4:27PM
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Shangri-la in Fiji...My wife and kids just got back and they enjoyed their time there..nothing flash but decent enough...I did not bother going as they only have beginner's gear..and apparently the wind wasn't too bad.

Here is their email address:

When I asked them couple of months ago this was the response:

"We have windsurf gear that we store at the Shangri LA Fijian Resort. Is just beginner equipment:
3 boards 230L with central fin
2,5m; 4m; 4,5m; 5m seails.
We do lessons for 175FJD/2h or rental 100FJD/2h "

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6 Sep 2016 6:06PM
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I stayed at Shangri-La 10 years ago and wouldn't recommend it for windsurfing at all. Hopefully things have changed but I would be surprised.

I was told very similar things to the point that I had thought it definitely not worth lugging my own gear for 4 days (there for a wedding - superb venue for that). What I found was 90's learners gear (old long board) and was told by the staff that I was really good as they hadn't seen anyone sail it successfully for some time. It was offshore wind every day so very difficult if you are a beginner. I only went out so I could say I've windsurfed in Fiji.

Other parts of Fiji or Raro better. Have you looked at New Caledonia - I believe windsurfing is pretty big there from the event reports and there is a shop...

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7 Sep 2016 4:12AM
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several shops and three rental outlets on the beach, and yes windsurfing is bloody big here


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