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Deck Pad Repair

Created by Allan51 > 9 months ago, 17 Mar 2015
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17 Mar 2015 1:45AM
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There is a hole on the deck pad of my board. Seeking suggestions for the best repair method. See pic.

SA, 850 posts
17 Mar 2015 5:08AM
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If your talking about the pattern matching, almost impossible.
I would cutout something like a star shape to pick up the outer damage.
(put one the other side of the board to match it up)

WA, 1206 posts
17 Mar 2015 9:00AM
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Well, maybe not impossible.

Hydroturf is the stuff you want. Jet ski places, ebay etc. Gently remove the old padding with a paint scraper, then line the new padding up (trimmed to size). Paint the back of the padding and the place on the deck where it will go, wait till it dries, then press it into position. Use a dremel to trim the holes and Bob's yer uncle.

Don't be tempted to use anything other than contact cement

Mark _australia
WA, 18971 posts
17 Mar 2015 1:54PM
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Allan I have some hydroturf in same pattern, can post you a square to insert in there


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