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Dyneema for downhaul-outhaul

Created by Obelix 2 months ago, 3 Jan 2019
WA, 836 posts
3 Jan 2019 8:52AM
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Is Dyneema rope good/recommended for downhaul / outhaul ?
It has a high break resistance, but wonder if resistant on the wear/tear.

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3 Jan 2019 9:00AM
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5mm lasts about 100 sailing days. 5mm Marlow, or blue and black, lasts 11 days.
You decide.

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3 Jan 2019 9:04AM
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"marlow dyneema formuline" best of all !
lasts.... forever....

QLD, 164 posts
3 Jan 2019 11:27AM
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From my experience it's best to find 5mm rated to about 1000kg. I tried a couple different brands but most of them frayed or downright snapped half way through my session. Dyneema is all I'd use.

WA, 124 posts
3 Jan 2019 9:35AM
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LeeD said..

5mm lasts about 100 sailing days. 5mm Marlow, or blue and black, lasts 11 days.
You decide.

Marlow is a brand of rope .. so what is 5mm Marlow? They sell many different products. Also don't rush into 5mm as 4mm is commonly used too. Formuline is in 3.8mm, 4.5mm and 4.8mm.

As above, suggest you look at ..

Note that some Dyneema rope do not cleat very well so be careful which Dyneema product you buy. The Formuline is safest, or Formula-x for the North ratchet extensions.

Looks like Marlow don't make a Spectra rope only Dyneema - although both are very similar.

WA, 836 posts
3 Jan 2019 10:37AM
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Marlows have so many to choose from - it's a bit confusing.
The formuline is wearing off on the boom front end cleat after one season. It's OK elsewhere, so I guess, should got with it.

NSW, 146 posts
4 Jan 2019 9:38AM
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not sure if Dyneema would cleat well.

i do have issues with line thicknesses as it is often difficult to get through cleat on donwhauls.

5 mm would not work on mine

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4 Jan 2019 9:06AM
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I use industrial strength dental floss.
For those that say Yanks have no sense of humor

WA, 845 posts
4 Jan 2019 12:21PM
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^^ crickets

NSW, 6452 posts
6 Jan 2019 12:23PM
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I bought some Dyneema online thinking it was formula line and it came as a grey ,ribbed type of rope. I've never used it. The smooth white formula line is great !
Funny I've never had any issues with it wearing except for with a second-hand boom. I think it has an old Severne boomhead and the cleat teeth just chews up the line!
I haven't noticed an issue with the new Severne Enigma boom.


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