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Fin Placement on Starboard Ultrakode 76

Created by Peptobismol > 9 months ago, 26 Jan 2018
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26 Jan 2018 8:50PM
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Can anyone with at Ultrakode 76 2017 help me with fin placement?
Seem like the yellow marksystem on my board is different from other boards.
My yellow marks are further back as i see it.
Anyone else have this issue?
See pictures below.
Last pic is from another board and there you can see that the yellow mark is placed different
from my board. Both are 76L 2017.

Mark _australia
WA, 19257 posts
26 Jan 2018 9:23PM
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Top one definitely looks misplaced.
You could / would not set centre fin back that far anyway......
Still, doing better than a Goya and Quatro etc where they give you marks to give the illusion of adjustability then you realise there is none

FWIW, I found the 2018 a little stiff and needs fin set forward BUT that is only on a short ride.

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26 Jan 2018 9:32PM
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I think this where it become very personal, do you like your hamburger with ketchup...and how much?

depend also where you put your back strap also.

but yes your board seemed to have a very different setting marks, maybe it was built on a friday last shift!

WA, 28 posts
28 Jan 2018 8:34AM
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Don't rely on the markings too much as it comes down to preference, what fins you use, what size etc.

Generally I start in the middle of the box, if it feels a bit stiff I'll keep moving the fin forward until I'm happy. If it's too loose I'll adjust it back. Best thing to do is play around with it, see what it feels like with different fins in different positions so you learn what you like in all conditions.

I normally use an 18 in my 76, I like fins with a little flex and depending on what I want to do that day or the conditions I'll move it a little forward/backward. If it's really light or there's a strong current I'll put a 19 in for better sailing ability.


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4 Feb 2018 6:14PM
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Thanks for all your input!
I had a great session last week and was able to try out
all your tips. I found a set up that works pretty good now.
But without your tips i wouldn't have gotten there this fast.
So thanks again!
What a amazing board, so much surf-feeling in it.
It really put a big smile on my face.

Any input on side fin placement in thruster mode?
And also side/back fins as a quad?
Any input is appreciated.


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