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GA masts ... hard top or constant curve ?

Created by steview A week ago, 16 Sep 2020
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16 Sep 2020 12:54AM
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Does anyone know if a 2017 GA 430 c75 ( imcs 21 ) is a constant curve or a hard top ? Cheers

Mark _australia
WA, 19971 posts
16 Sep 2020 1:04AM
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They went constant curve in race masts earlier, and 2017 is the year they changed to constant in everything.

I have a 2017 GA Cross and it sets magnificently on an old generic 430 RDM that is constant curve. Thus I presume the masts are pretty well middle of the road in that year.

To be safe, maybe try the different years unifiber charts. Or, windsurfing perth would know for sure

NSW, 524 posts
16 Sep 2020 12:10PM
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According to the Unifber 2017 chart they are constant curve

NSW, 16 posts
Sunday , 20 Sep 2020 3:51PM
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My understanding is the grey masts are hard top, and the blue one's are constant curve.


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"GA masts ... hard top or constant curve ?" started by steview