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How to stop board bag zipper slider from seizing?

Created by GazMan 4 months ago, 14 Sep 2018
WA, 697 posts
14 Sep 2018 10:39PM
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Have a 9 yr old Prolimit board bag and the zipper slider is continually corroding/seizing, particularly after not being used for a while. Applied dri-lube to zipper which did nothing, then sprayed zipper with silicone spray but slider continues to seize up.

Any ideas how to stop this???

Also have an ancient Creatures of Leisure board bag that must be around 25+ years old and have never had the slider stick on this bag!!!!

Te Hau
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15 Sep 2018 6:07AM
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Maybe Lanolin oil?
I use it on my zips and all good.
Has to be, comes from sheep. NZ etc, etc.

NSW, 1809 posts
15 Sep 2018 8:38AM
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The only solution is to buy bags that don't corrode. The good ones have the large plastic zipper. I have 5 bags with 15ys + and all good. The ****ty corroding ones lasted a few seasons and now long gone.

SA, 89 posts
15 Sep 2018 9:27AM
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You could try rubbing a bar of soap on it but anything you do will only be a temporary fix, If your particularly attached to that bag get the zip replaced with a chunky plastic one, probably cost the same as a new bag with a good zip though.

VIC, 4069 posts
15 Sep 2018 10:18AM
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Fixnzip claim to have non-corroding sliders.

I have "rescued" corroded zips by soaking the slider in hot water. Provided the bag was used frequently that got me up to a year between seizes. Now I only buy bags with plastic sliders.

I recently replaced a zipper on a board bag. It's not that hard. It would cost heaps to get it done professionally.

I used a domestic sewing machine and YKK Vislon zips that are supposed to be corrosion proof. The key thing was to hand tack the zip into place before sewing.

An alternative is to get custom made board bags from Surfaids. They use good materials and zips and the bags are not much more expensive than the crap you buy from surf shops. It is so nice to have a bag that properly fits the board.

15 Sep 2018 9:15AM
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I see those problems with the zippers all the time here in my workshop.
From changing the zipper sliders, to replacing the whole zipper.

It is hard to avoid the corroding on the metal sliders over time. I found like mentioned above, the hot water can work good or WD40 can also loosen it up.

You can change the slider by cutting the zipper near it's end. Then remove the old slider and install the new correct size one. You would need to close the end where you cut it open, so the slider don't drop out again.

For the zipper sliders there is different types and sizes, so make sure to get the right one if you want to give it a go yourself.

If I change the whole zipper I use the marine grade molded #10 / chunky zipper with quality plastic sliders.

The best stuff I have come across to lubricate the zipper is: Shurhold Snap Stick ZIPPER Lubricant.

WA, 405 posts
15 Sep 2018 8:58PM
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Screw zips, it's about time someone made a board bag with Velcro fastenings

Mark _australia
WA, 18610 posts
16 Sep 2018 12:44AM
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with air vents each end to get flow thru.

I will take 4 please.

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16 Sep 2018 3:08AM
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Wax, surfboard or paraffin wax, lasts longer than anything else.
Got a metal zipper that still works? Wax it now.


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