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Painting an old Mistral Competition

Created by Francone > 9 months ago, 17 Aug 2015
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17 Aug 2015 2:18AM
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I just bought an old Mistral Competition SST 2nd hand. There are a few spots where the paint flakes off leaving bare the underneath deck. Looks like a smooth beige-grey plastic material. Is it what they call the ASA skin? Anyway, no big deal just a few bare spots here and there.
I wanted to fix these bare spots to prevent further flaking of the paint and then repaint the whole board.
Some professionals I consulted go by the book and suggest 1) removing the old paint 2) sand off the ASA skin because it has a poor adhesion, 3) prime the board and then paint with marine paint or some other esoteric stuff like a linear polyurethane or epoxy paint ,( no ordinary water-based acrylic paint as some others have suggested).
No doubt, if properly done, this repair " by the book"can be effective but it is also expensive and time-consuming, certainly beyond my intended cosmetic purpose.

What is the simplest way to do it? Can I just paint over the existing paint with an epoxy paint , without priming, after a light sanding ?

Thanks for your suggestions


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17 Aug 2015 8:08AM
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17 Aug 2015 8:38AM
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The board is 27 or so years old. Is painting it necessary at all? It's only cosmetic that the paint is coming off.
sand it back for that new school look.


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