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Red Bull Storm Chase 2019 - videos

Created by stehsegler A week ago, 13 Mar 2019
WA, 2944 posts
13 Mar 2019 11:39AM
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Given the lack of updates on the Red Bull Storm Chase 2019 web sites / Facebook page I thought I'd save everyone some time and provide a direct link to the Day 1 and Day 2 Newsreels here.

This content is copyright Red Bull Media House.

Newsreel Day 1:

Newsreel Day 2:

NSW, 2801 posts
13 Mar 2019 3:14PM
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Awesome!!!!!!!! How good is Jaeger's wave riding, fark!!!

Reflex Films
WA, 1349 posts
13 Mar 2019 12:33PM
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Nice work Thomas! So sick - great work from the Red Bull media tem.

Jaeger's interview - so well spoken - not a single ummm - shows focus and that he means what he is saying.

WA, 3990 posts
13 Mar 2019 12:47PM
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Very Impressive Jaeger well done, yay an aussie winning the RBSC

NSW, 110 posts
13 Mar 2019 11:03PM
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From an old friend of mine who is a regular sailor

93 posts
14 Mar 2019 1:34AM
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What on earth is Campello doing? Day 2 1:27! Looks like a triple pushloop, but look at the speed of the rotation. Definitely by far the most cringeworthy windsurf move I've ever seen.
Jaeger names it: The whole thing is insane. I love it!

158 posts
14 Mar 2019 3:04PM
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Congrats to Mr Stone, no mean feat beating Philip in those conditions! Awesome sailing!

Flying Dutchman
NSW, 135 posts
15 Mar 2019 10:54PM
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Made a edit of footage you've all seen but maybe you'll enjoy anyway.

QLD, 1022 posts
15 Mar 2019 10:15PM
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So would a freeride or fsw be best in these choppy conditions?

WA, 346 posts
15 Mar 2019 9:08PM
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Bump and Jump and you're good to go.

NSW, 1815 posts
Saturday , 16 Mar 2019 1:41PM
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Shifu said..
So would a freeride or fsw be best in these choppy conditions?

Don't be a softie. You need a slalom board and a stiff race sail to get your fin flying off the chop and more speed on the ramps.

Spectacular sailing in crazy conditions. Even if I had the skill I'm not sure I'd enjoy thoseweather conditions.


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