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Rigging a Severne Blade

Created by zammo Two weeks ago, 1 Jul 2019
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1 Jul 2019 10:20PM
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I was wondering if I could get some rigging/tuning advice on the Severne Blade sail range please. I managed to pick up a second hand 2019 Blade 5.3 and 4.7. Never had Severne sails before (used to sail Prydes). When I rig the Blade to the recommended downhaul rating, the 1st batten above the boom sticks out past the front of the mast quite a bit - giving quite a deep profile near the luff. Is that a sign that there is too little downhaul and so I need more downhaul to help pull leading edge of the batten away so less of the edge is showing at the front end of the mast? Severne suggest rigging the sail to the recommended downhaul before putting the boom on. When I apply some outhaul, the batten above the boom does move but it's still not at about 1/3 or 1/2 of the mast width (as per this recommendation:
If so how much batten rotation should there be for the bottom two battens on the mast? Just so you are aware I'm rigging the Blade on a Severne Gorilla RDM mast.
Cheers ;-)

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2 Jul 2019 12:30AM
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My 5.0 Blade rigs and works well with the batten at the front of the mast. An RDM would pull the batten back.
Rotates easy either way.
Outhaul pulls batten back, and with predrafted RAF sails, works fine with lots of outhaul compared to flat RAF's like the old North's.

Mark _australia
WA, 19257 posts
2 Jul 2019 1:43AM
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That looks about right, but I'd say its min downhaul. Another 10mm or so for well powered.
They do have the luff wrinkle around the boom area same as the S1 (but nowhere near as pronounced on the Blade) that turns into draft when its got some breeze in it. That neutral luff that then inflates is what enables it to power off, and makes the battens sit a bit further forward than some other sails.

Don't try and fix it with outhaul, you will kill the feel.

I set my Blades to rec downhaul and maybe adjust outhaul about 2cm max only if the wind really changes a lot, mostly I don't touch anything as they're rangey

NSW, 158 posts
2 Jul 2019 6:05AM
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Have used my 5.7m blade lots, same year as your one, it'll inflate a bit more in the luff area once you've got some wind into it, then it'll rotate more too.

Would say they are not the best in very light winds but great once they fill a little.

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2 Jul 2019 7:47AM
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Looks good to me although you may have a bit of trouble hooking it up to your board with the weight on the bottom of it

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2 Jul 2019 6:41AM
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Always rig mine 2cm more than recommended down and outhaul as a standard setting.

WA, 2974 posts
2 Jul 2019 9:48AM
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Start with the downhaul as printed one the sail. You want that second batten from the top to just come away from the sail. The area between the top first and second batten should have be floppy about 2/3 in from the edge. (some sails brands have a marker for were the best spots for that is). I found 1cm in downhaul makes a bit difference here. From the picture I would say you are almost there.

The battens seem to rotate a bit easier on the 100% carbon masts then the Gorillas. Maybe something to do with the stiff ... from my experience the Gorilla masts feel a bit stiffer. But you'll find that once the sail is loaded up the battens start moving away from the mast. This seems to be more pronounced on the bigger sails (5.7+) then on the smaller sizes.

My recommendation would see if you can borrow a 100% carbon from someone and see if that makes a difference for you.

BTW you need an Enigma boom for the sail to rig properly ;-)

WA, 1211 posts
2 Jul 2019 9:56PM
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looks OK to me.

WA, 1371 posts
6 Jul 2019 4:47PM
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right it to the numbers and go sailing, if the wind picks up, go another hole on the boom, too easy.


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