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Sanding Epoxy

Created by Gfly 1 month ago, 15 Feb 2019
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15 Feb 2019 9:47AM
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I was sounding down Epoxy on a repair with a dust mask. Now my lungs feel like crap. Should I be worried?

Dust masks dont have a perfect seal.

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15 Feb 2019 10:10AM
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This what west system says.

You should be fine if this just happend once but if your doing lots of sanding of epoxy I think a proper p100 respirator would be a good idea. Your right those cheap dust masks do sometimes not fit well. I also find working with drywall which is similar in fine dustyness the dust can easily get in your eyes from use even with safety always a good idea to shower after to clean eyes out or your eyes will feel like you stared at the sun for too long

Mark _australia
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15 Feb 2019 10:19AM
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That West link is referring to uncured epoxy.
It does not refer to cured epoxy as it is essentially inert and a non-irritant. People who are hyper sensitized and can't work with epoxy can still pick up your board.

I'd still wear a dust mask of course but sanding epoxy is about the same as sanding wood. Fibres, different story

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15 Feb 2019 1:25PM
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You can feel things in your lungs?

Can you normally feel things in your lungs if you don't have a cold or something else?

If have sanded without a dust mask before, but never felt anything in my lungs, even though no doubt I have inhaled stuff. I have felt itchy from fibreglass, but again, not any form of congestion.

Maybe go to a doctor and get checked out just in case, as I wouldn't expect that sort of reaction without a mask, let alone with one on.

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16 Feb 2019 6:24AM
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the big question here for me, is well cured the epoxy was. It takes about a week at room temperature to fully cure. But I guess once it's off enough to sand it's reasonably cured. Depends how sensitive you are I guess. You can become sensitised by not wearing gloves while working with the liquid stuff. Washing it off you with thinners only makes things worse as it helps get it into your system. If you've been doing this stuff, then uncured dust may set something off in your lungs.
Yep see a Doctor


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