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Trailer in Australia

Created by soto A week ago, 4 Nov 2019
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4 Nov 2019 5:39AM
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Hi all,
I will move to Australia in few months. Besides all the different issues due to this important change in our lives, I wonder what is the best way to have a trailer to carry all my gear.
I am not a handyman and I do not imagine to buy a "classical" trailer to convert it to a windsurfing one.

Two different scenario exist:
-buy a windsurfing trailer directly in Australia:
=> can we find second hand trailer easily?
=> is there any manufacturer for that in (South) Australia?

-import a trailer from France:
=> I have started to read the document for the importation. It seems to be possible but I will have to really understand the documents... Does someone have experience for that?

I would be happy to get your feedback and advice... Thanks.

NSW, 1042 posts
4 Nov 2019 10:14AM
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Don't be crazy to import, it will cost you a fortune. Keep an eye on the second hand ads and very often there is a windsurfing trailer available. It is also easy to find tradespeople that will customise a trailer for you.

PS: Welcome to Australia, see you in Lake George !!

WA, 1806 posts
4 Nov 2019 7:19AM
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There are manufacturers in aus who'll put together exactly what you want, but it won't be cheap.
Theres also a lot of "tradies" type trailers, that will make good windsurfing trailers with little to no work involved. gumtree is your best bet for them.

its also worth keeping a lookout on the buy/sell on here. Every now and again there's a purpose built trailer up for sale. There was one quite recently, don't know if its still there or not, or where it was

VIC, 2599 posts
4 Nov 2019 10:22AM
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Buy one here

NSW, 899 posts
4 Nov 2019 11:51AM
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If buying second hand look for a go-kart trailer or enclosed motorbike trailer.

NSW, 219 posts
4 Nov 2019 1:02PM
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Yep still in the buy and sell section

Mr Milk
NSW, 1675 posts
4 Nov 2019 1:59PM
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Where are you planning to live and sail? Parking can be in short supply on streets and at beaches.
Finding a space long enough to pull into with a trailer could be difficult a lot of the time.
A van might be a more practical and socially responsible choice.

WA, 504 posts
4 Nov 2019 12:31PM
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Even market place on fb plenty of trailers on there I've seen a few windsurf trailers on there in the last 6months

SA, 179 posts
4 Nov 2019 3:48PM
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Plenty of options if you are going to be living in Adelaide ( is there any manufacturer for that in (South) Australia? ). Depending on your $ budget there are specialized enclosed trailer manufactures for new or Gumtree for used ( mainly advertised as go cart or bike trailers ) or even something like this that I made for my 7 x 4 box trailer. More than happy to assist once you arrive ( if coming to Radelaide ) .

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4 Nov 2019 2:00PM
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Thanks for all your answers. The result of this survey is clear.
I will have a look to the second hand market and the way to adapt a trailer.
For information, I will live in Adelaide and I already know some of you.

QLD, 104 posts
4 Nov 2019 6:28PM
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Modern go kart trailers work well and look good
There are always plenty of those for sale

SA, 179 posts
5 Nov 2019 5:44PM
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Here is an example. Just need to skin it and do racking inside. .

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6 Nov 2019 1:21PM
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This one is a good base to make a windsurf trailer...
I will keep an eye on Gumtree and other second hand websites to try to catch the "perfect" trailer for me.

WA, 1753 posts
6 Nov 2019 6:37PM
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Jacko51 said..
Here is an example. Just need to skin it and do racking inside. .

Wow that looks pretty good.


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