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Created by Vince68 > 9 months ago, 11 Aug 2015
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11 Aug 2015 9:25PM
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Question: Does anyone train or practice in the off season to improve their chances in the real world when the season is on? If so what do you do?

I decided to start training today, cos i need to. When it’s windy, i have no issue water starting and blasting in general. But light wind skills are pretty sad. This seasons mission is to become an intermediate wave sailor. So i started with work on my light wind balancing and water starts.

Firstly, the water is pretty cold in the swan at the moment.

Weather conditions today at Melville waters: mostly fine with ssw winds 11kt. Mostly F***all wind
Body weight 76kg

I rigged a 5.0 NP combat (not sure rig weight) and started with the 87L Starboard Kombat. I was surprised to find the with no wind this board really sinks. Like really sinks. Previously I had been working on the board size 10-15L above body weight, but i soon realised i had not factored in the rig weight. I could not balance on this setup this was sinking a lot more than i expected. So i quickly come to the conclusion that this board is suited when the weather is nuclear.

Next was the same rig on the RRD FSW 96L. (love this board) managed to balance with rig and no wind somewhat and then try some tacs etc balance was reasonable but the rest i flaffed. Good allrounder. But depending on my developing skill level might look a a similar size multi-fin to play in the waves later in the season.

Any training tips?

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11 Aug 2015 11:52PM
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I think some of the experts recommend using a big floaty board with a small sail to practice with in light airs. If nothing else you will tone the muscles, being off the plane. Again, I am no expert, just someone who reads a bit.


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