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Tuition , the perfect catapult , how to !

Created by Imax1 > 9 months ago, 1 Apr 2016
VIC, 1779 posts
1 Apr 2016 12:21PM
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This may have happened to me the other day.
Find nice solid 15 kts , big sail and fin
Pass pretty girl kitesurfing upwind yelling wooohooo
Don't worry about the water only being 20 cm deep
Appreciate the grip the fin has in sand
It has more grip than feet in straps
When feet are a good metre above the board realise that your sheeting in to produce maximum power
At this point try for a 360 spin while feet are pointing at tip of mast
You may at this time try to scream but you wont have time
Land the perfect back whacker on top of the sail
For extra points somehow get caught between sail and boom with a couple of twists in harness lines
Notice that one cannot hold breath because there is none left in lungs from back whacker
Panic as you try to disconnect from twisted harness line
Gulp water as you can only breath in
Wonder if your going to drown in 20 cm of water
After more panic and water intake disconnect harness line
Realise how good it is to be alive
Realise how many people saw what happened
Next act cool
Drag board and sorry ass into deeper water
Jump on board as quickly as you can for a quick getaway and proceed to vomit on sail
Vomiting while sailing is a skill all on its own , ill cover that next week
Happy sailing !

QLD, 1047 posts
1 Apr 2016 1:03PM
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Way to commit soldier!

WA, 3870 posts
1 Apr 2016 12:04PM
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Getting caught in between sail and boom is impressive.
I doubt you'd be able to do that again if you tried.

I had a similar one where I ended up on my back across the boom with a couple of twists in the harness lines. I can still remember the pain in the spine and my relief that I could still move my legs after I recovered from the winding. No pretty girls (except me), just a sandbar and glare on the water from the setting sun. Fortunately I was well off shore and I don't think anyone else saw it.

TAS, 407 posts
1 Apr 2016 8:15PM
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Hooks, harness lines, uphauls can all get you in trouble.
I choose the pro limit harness for easy pull strap to release harness bar,for situations like this, not that your brain can think to pull ,when you cant breath, good theory though.
My worst situation I have experienced ,three times a year,is when doing a jump, and getting it wrong,is when your harness hook locks over your boom arm,very tight fit and panic sets in for a brief period till you try like hell to get un hooked of your boom.
Ah relief ,smile and keep sailing
Gets the blood pumping every time.

WA, 646 posts
1 Apr 2016 6:36PM
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IMAX that is gold. Love your work and commitment. Many of us have been there many a time but you illustrate it like a true legend

WA, 7875 posts
1 Apr 2016 10:34PM
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If the board was less than your weight the story could have been Hooked lines and sinker

Getting catapulted is like falling of a bike, you never forget how to do it

Whatever doesn't kill ya just give you bruises.

NSW, 2572 posts
2 Apr 2016 6:08PM
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Eeek, the twisted harness line while laying under the sail. Always freaky!!

VIC, 38 posts
2 Apr 2016 8:27PM
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Anyone got some pics or video of the classic catapult... ???

VIC, 1779 posts
3 Apr 2016 9:27PM
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I was on top of the sail looking up at God in the sky breathing in water with the boom over my neck , trying to drown in 20 cm of water !


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