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Video version 1 Cocos islands

Created by Paul > 9 months ago, 22 Aug 2014
WA, 337 posts
22 Aug 2014 2:55PM
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Here is the first of a few edits for the gang that enjoyed themselves this season in Cocos. Got to learn to cull footage and make clips a tad shorter. But everyone likes to be included.

WA, 651 posts
22 Aug 2014 7:12PM
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Wow you guys seem to be having a pretty good time. Very envious. it's motivating. i'm busting a gut for the season here to start. Perhaps i could get enough coins together to make the about 30 yrs. in the meantime i'll be counting on that power ball or some miracle.

see ya on the water soon here in the west.

thanks guys keep uploading them

VIC, 583 posts
24 Aug 2014 12:15AM
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Is that trav? You are living it large my friend!!

Can't swim for Maui!

WA, 93 posts
25 Aug 2014 9:04PM
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That looks fantastic, I am defiantly going next year ......can't wait.


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"Video version 1 Cocos islands" started by Paul