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WA trip info

Created by Nerdburger > 9 months ago, 25 Feb 2008
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25 Feb 2008 7:13PM
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Im looking to head to WA for 2 weeks - margaret river to lancelin, at the end of May for some surf and wind.

1) what are the conditions like in May, do you still gets consitant/good arvo wind 15-25 knots ?
2) what will the water temps be like, will a 2/3 mm wet suit cut it.
3) As I'm flying with kit, will an 85 Litre & 4.7/5.2/5.8 m (me 90 kg)combo cover most of the conditions for that time of year.
4) Any suggestions for cheap camper van hire?

Any other info and local knowledge would be greatly appaciated.


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25 Feb 2008 5:40PM
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I can't comment on the Margs area, but May would have to be consistently the worst time of year for wind for Mandurah-Lancelin. You will be lucky if you get 10 knots and 1m swells (read as "flat").

check out:

Hate to break it to you

Try to delay your trip 6months.

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25 Feb 2008 9:01PM
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Cheers, thanks for that.

I have been on the BOM site before but have never explored it, and didn't know about the monthly averages.

I might reconsider my destination or just head over for some waves.

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25 Feb 2008 7:08PM
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Yeah, if you are coming here to windsurf in May, I suggest you bring your golf clubs.

It's also good weather for wakeboarding.

Sorry - November to Feb is what you want!

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25 Feb 2008 7:45PM
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Nerdburger said...


I might reconsider my destination or just head over for some waves.

You could get waves around Margaret River, there's usually something breaking somewhere.


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