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What are the odds....

Created by triplex Two weeks ago, 22 Mar 2020
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22 Mar 2020 3:14PM
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Saturday week ago we had a strong southerly hit Newcastle. I went to Valentine on Lake Macquarie and because it was 25 knots plus I rigged my 4.2 sailworks revo and use my 87 l starboard evil twin, a combination I use maybe once or twice a year.

On my third "gybe" I lost it and the board flipped over I noticed my twin fin was a single. I sailed back to the shore and went for a wander between my car and the shore in the hope it may have fell out in the grass. I could not find it and resigned to the fact it was in the lake. I kept on sailing with one fin but found it hard/frustrating to maintain upwind ability and spent more time talking on the shore than sailing.

Giving up on the lost fin, I placed an add in the wanted section for a replacement fin or pair of similar fins that would suit.

A week later I received a text saying someone has found the fin with a photo of it. A girl was with her dad and spotted it the water, the visibility does improve quite a lot when it is calm and not 25 knots plus.

The dad saw the wanted add on Seabreeze and made the connection.

I want to thank these guys and Seabreeze for the what I considered the forever lost fin.

By the way I also lost a 5 m sail in Belmont bay in 1993, you never know.....

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22 Mar 2020 4:18PM
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A great story, Paddo!

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22 Mar 2020 2:42PM
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Chris 249
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22 Mar 2020 10:00PM
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On the "what are the odds" topic - years ago I was doing the nationals in a yacht class on Sydney Harbour. In this boat, you have to lean really low to the water. Up the first beat, I lost my hat in a wave off Point Piper. Obviously, we kept on racing (we were about 3rd at the time on a borrowed sailing school boat). On the next lap, about 30 minutes later, I looked up and saw the hat still floating, reached out, grabbed the hat, and put it back on. What were the odds that when chasing shifts, tide and the opposition we would sail over the exact same spot again?

mr love
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23 Mar 2020 12:17PM
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Not Windsurfing related but a really good 'what are the odds story"

Skiing in Japan snow falling heavily and thigh deep powder. We are right up the top over 2KM to the lift base and 8KM to the bottom. My daughter has a fall on a steep slope and one of her skiis takes off, brakes dont work in the poweder and it dissappears into the trees. No point even trying to look for it, a white ski in all that powder. She then falls over and slides into a gully still with her other ski. I am ....Oh s..t how and I going to get her down from here with 1 ski.
She then yells that she has found something and pulls up a ski...but not hers, it is a red Junior Racing ski. I ski accross to her and help her up, then look at the ski. mmm I thought, hey Jess see if your boot fits?. Click,....straight in....

Now I can get her back to the bottom.

What are the odds!!!


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"What are the odds...." started by triplex