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WindTech Windsurfing - new website up

Created by CrimsonFlash A week ago, 27 Nov 2019
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27 Nov 2019 10:28PM
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The new WindTech Windsurfing site is now up and running at URL

New fins and footstraps available in addition to the Silver Bullet and Magic Bullet board range. Just sold the last of the Silver Bullets and new stock arriving early December 19. Feel free to post any feedback about the site, particularly if you find anything not displaying correctly or not intuitive (on Mobile or through desktop browsers). Tested on Chrome, Firefox and Android.


lao shi
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28 Nov 2019 6:13AM
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Nice work, guys! Very slick.

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28 Nov 2019 6:35AM
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Looks awesome Daniel !!

Here's the link;

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28 Nov 2019 8:07AM
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Yep, nice job Daniel

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Thursday , 28 Nov 2019 3:20PM
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Good work Daniel and Windtech people. Just note the word "bonza" used on the site is misspelt and used in error. The word describing the side fins for the Magic Bullet wave line should actually be spelt "bonzer" in line with the use of that word in the surfing world. Thanks.

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Thursday , 28 Nov 2019 7:05PM
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Works for me.


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