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Windsurfing video from Lac Ganguise in France

Created by gtj101 Saturday, 17 May 2019
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Saturday , 17 May 2019 11:47PM
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On the road again, I was in France the last weeks. I did sail on many spot without the chance to get some good enough footage to make a video, but when I was at lake Ganguise, I had one week of wind on the same place. It's perhaps a lake but it is super windy there and easy to ride and film. So, i had the chance to film and make a little video. In the same time, I meet a friendly man there who did learn to do some speed loop at 53 years old. I was impress. He was not only a good sailor, he was also a super cool man. We had some great time together and I decided to put him on my video with his lovely dog named Clochette! : )

Here is this little video. If you go in France, this lake could also offer you some good time!



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"Windsurfing video from Lac Ganguise in France" started by gtj101