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freestyle foiling

Created by NotWal Two weeks ago, 5 May 2019
QLD, 6886 posts
5 May 2019 2:30PM
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VIC, 1867 posts
5 May 2019 8:21PM
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,that guy would make sitting on a monkeys back riding a unicycle in reverse , drunk , look easy .
And ,
Has anyone actually seen water that flat , with wind enough for the normal sailers in the background and deep enough for a foil ?
Cos when I have just enough wind I've got 1 m chop amd that's flat.
Must be a dream or heaven.

QLD, 12061 posts
5 May 2019 9:08PM
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he's pretty good in 1m chop too.

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5 May 2019 7:28PM
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Hey everyone I am new to windsurfing and to sea breeze

WA, 904 posts
5 May 2019 7:55PM
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Well welcome!

Max Phunn
12 posts
6 May 2019 5:21AM
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The first video looks like Bonaire. That is exactly the way it is at the end of the road past Jibe city.

344 posts
6 May 2019 9:48AM
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Pretty sure it was all taken there. KumaMovie does a lot of videos each year there.


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