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fun tough board

Created by Ben1973 5 months ago, 12 Jun 2018
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12 Jun 2018 10:59PM
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If you wanted a new freeride board that could take a beating what would you get. Something about 110 litres that is good in nasty chop with a 6.5m sail and a 100kg rider.

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13 Jun 2018 10:49AM
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Windsurfer One Design

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13 Jun 2018 1:37PM
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Are you talking brand new board or just something you haven't tried before?

If brand new: I've found in really heavy chop that the Freestyle Wave style of board is pretty forgiving. Even though top speed is not quite like a freeride - generally I am struggling to hit the max speeds in heavy chop anyway. The FSW seems to be a bit more all round maneuverable. I might be mistaken but generally they seem to be a bit tougher construction than the freerides.

If the main requirement is toughness you could go outside the box and look at one of the old plastic moulded beasts like the Bombora 270, or X-It. I'm only half joking.... you could drop these things off a building and they'd bounce and keep on going! For their time they rode pretty well -good in the chop too because on the flex! The price would be appealing too - probably in the case of beer type range....


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