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windsurfing related tendonitis

Created by SJB1 > 9 months ago, 2 May 2015
WA, 47 posts
2 May 2015 7:30AM
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I took a bad fall several months arm/e!bow impacting on the boom. The soreness from the injury has never really gone away...a dull persistent pain. Recently the pain has progressed to the feeling of tendonitis in my elbow.

I had a xray and ultrasound. A small tear was noted in the tendon but nothing major and nothing to explain the ongoing pain.

Does anyone have windsurfing related tendonitis? How do you manage the condition?


VIC, 118 posts
2 May 2015 9:49AM
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I had a similar incident about 12 months ago, your description of " dull persistent pain" is exactly what I experienced.

It slowly dissipated over 6 months . For me I think the time was an age thing (51)
Totally unrelated but every time I take a break from the gym( free weights ) I seem to get an injury.

NSW, 6499 posts
2 May 2015 10:58AM
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Mine wasn't tendonitis but I hit the outer fingers on my left hand on the gear as I was flung over the front. Aching and painful to bend the fingers.
The chiro said it was deep muscle bruising and the pain took a few months to subside. They were stiff to bend for a while but ok now.

WA, 3870 posts
2 May 2015 9:10AM
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Tendons are very slow to heal, particularly if they are being repeatedly strained. Now it is the off season it should have a chance to heal.
I hurt a tendon in my elbow a few years back and it remained sore until some time during the off season, when it slowly stopped being painful with movement. I have had no further problems with it.

VIC, 2424 posts
2 May 2015 1:06PM
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Very slow to heal, acupuncture helped to speed up the healing process for me. Horrible injury to have.

NSW, 77 posts
2 May 2015 6:31PM
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Rest and rest some more. When the pain starts to ease very gentle stretches and massage can help. Typically what you are describing is an over use condition. The elbow/upper forearm is an amazing mesh of flexor and extensor muscles & tendons for the hand and fingers. In gripping sports such as ours these small important muscles/tendons are prone to inflammation. Once inflamed, continued use tends to prolong the recovery and cause compensatory muscle recruitments causing secondary issues.

Try reversing your grip (underhand grip on front hand for example). A "tennis elbow" compression strap help while sailing but will do nothing to help recovery.

Its not what you want to hear but rest is the first thing you need to do if your grip strength is compromised (squeeze a friends/partners index and middle finger as hard as you can in each hand and get them to tell you if there is a significant difference as a test).

Buy a Myo/Massage ball and do some gentle longitudinal rolls down the length of the upper forearm muscles. A good stretch is with a straight arm (palm down) gently pull the index and/or middle finger down and back towards the underside of you forearm/elbow. Watch out this can hurt if you are too aggressive.

I agree with windxstasy - take the winter off from sailing. do some general strength work that doesn't involve gripping.

NSW, 260 posts
2 May 2015 9:46PM
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If it's in the tendon that you can feel when you move your fingers? then using a Computer mouse will aggravate it. I used to suffer a lot of stiffness and soreness in my right forearm near the elbow after sessions and then it started to become chronic.

Fix was to ice it after a session and to use my Left hand for the mouse sometimes. I'm in IT and I discovered that the thousands of times that you click a mouse every day irritate the sheath of the tendon. By using the left hand it gives the right arm a chance to heal.

Just a thought anyway.

NSW, 472 posts
3 May 2015 12:48AM
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Looking that the "Sexy girl's SAIL pic's / videos / etc" forum had over 10000 views in only a week or 2, there might be some windsurfing related tendonitis on the way...

QLD, 179 posts
3 May 2015 11:13AM
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i am recoverimg from similar deal
essentially tennis elbow is best description bought on from same stack you had
sailed yesterday. Pretty minimal pain
what worked for me over 6 months ish

use the elbow. Keep it moving Swimming in warm water Good or any swimming. Light weights slowly building up
avoid one off heavy lifts
biggest deal is having harness lines long enough to always sail with straight arms
hang from horizontal bars
antiinflammotries occasionally and elbow brace

NSW, 2574 posts
3 May 2015 2:02PM
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I use to have joint paint when sailing that I attributed to excessive computer mouse use. To manage it, I used to concentrate on balancing my rig well and trying to put as much load as possible on the harness lines all the time. You need to constantly think about it while sailing, but it does help. Only useful if you are a flat water sailor I guess.

WA, 96 posts
3 May 2015 7:57PM
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I did a similar injury this last summer. Not from impact but strained elbow. Self diagnosed as tennis elbow. I went to chemist and got this stuff called "fisiocrem" comes in a purple tube. Its like dencorub but has anti inflammatory and pain killing properties, its awesome stuff. Rub it into and around elbow , especially the tender / tight areas. Do this a good twenty minutes before sailing. I basically had it on everyday all day until my elbow got better, by using it constantly the muscles are not under stress thus allowing quicker heal time..

NSW, 252 posts
4 May 2015 4:44PM
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About July last year I injured my achilles tendon from bike riding (did 1000kms in 6 days). Since that time it has been on the improve a few times and then I will over do it and it comes back (If I do a physical activity I do not have restraint to take it easy and always over do it). I am now 6 weeks into a period of rest with no sailing or riding. It is torture for me. During this time I am doing a fair bit of physio (about 30 mins morning and evening of stretching and strengthening as well as dry needling/deep tissue massage a couple times a week) and it seems to be on the improve, but I suspect it will be months before I ride or sail again.

Earlier on this injury I had a period of 6 weeks rest and decided to take up swimming to keep fit. As usual I overdid it and got tendinitis in my elbow. I backed off the swimming and started doing some stretching and eccentric wrist curls with a 4kg weight, and it took about a month to ease off, and now I am swimming as much as I want and it is still noticeable but is improving. (I keep doing the exercises and stretches)

Tendon injuries are a misery to me. They take so long to heal. It seems that rest/stretching/strengthening gets them under control in a few months, but then you need to really moderate you progress back to activity to prevent it flaring up again. At the moment, I am prepared for a few months of low activity (except swimming!) but hoping I can do the sports I love again by spring/summer.

I would suggest some preventative stretching and strengthening to anyone who is active and >40..... the body does not heal the way it used to!!

QLD, 523 posts
4 May 2015 9:15PM
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every where i touch is sore, i think i broke my finger

VIC, 190 posts
4 May 2015 10:07PM
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Yer I I have it in both elbows from work and sailing had it since December last year and it's not easy to get rid of quickly . for me and I can finally say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel .

Daily strengthening exercises
daily heat therapy 20 minutes each arm followed by massage
twice weekly to weekly physio


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