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2018 results

Created by decrepit 2 months ago, 13 Jan 2019
WA, 8986 posts
13 Jan 2019 8:35PM
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It's official Lake Macquarie won with 279 points. Mandurah Mob 2nd with 310 points. Board Crazy Crew 3rd with 381 points.

So it's trophy swap time, winners go from Mandurah Mob to Lake Macquarie, runners up goes from Board Crazy Crew to Mandurah Mob.

It was a great contest all year with the lead swapping around several times, but in the end Lake Macquarie were unbeatable.

WA, 3991 posts
13 Jan 2019 9:09PM
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Super Congratulations to Lake Macquarie, well deserved, elite sailors, committed, strategic, and brilliant venue.

I'm particularly pleased, because when we first started the GPSTC it was thought impossible for a NSW team to win it, "No Wind, No Venues" they said

WA, 7855 posts
13 Jan 2019 9:50PM
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Great result LM crew.

TAS, 1839 posts
14 Jan 2019 6:09AM
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Another great year of sailing, well done Lake Macquarie!

SA, 100 posts
14 Jan 2019 6:51AM
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Smashing effort all round , Congrats all sailors who ever put in for the team!
extra special congrats to any one who scored a PB!
PB;s are

NSW, 157 posts
14 Jan 2019 7:30AM
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Thanks everyone.
In 2018 we were a little bit more organized in trying to cover all the categories every month. Summer is the worst time for us as the seabreezes rarely produce speed conditions. We tried especially hard in the last 3 months as The Mandurah Mob closed in on us. Apart from a trip to LG in February all our numbers are from Lake Macquarie or Budgiewoi lake. It helps that most of the teams contributing sailors do not have 9-5 jobs!

Steve Charles
TAS, 1073 posts
14 Jan 2019 9:14AM
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Congrats guys, well deserved

NSW, 981 posts
14 Jan 2019 10:59AM
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well done LM guys !

WA, 2833 posts
14 Jan 2019 9:57AM
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Congrats to the Lakers

TAS, 2404 posts
14 Jan 2019 7:42PM
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Congratulations Lake Macquarie team, a great years sailing

NSW, 87 posts
18 Jan 2019 6:47PM
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Very well deserved Macquarians, love sailing with you guys!! Awesome year again HUGE CONGRATS!!

TAS, 1915 posts
18 Jan 2019 7:45PM
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Awesome effort LM crew! Well done

QLD, 3396 posts
21 Jan 2019 4:08PM
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Well done Guys


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