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2019 GPSTC National Winners - Pinnaroos

Created by Windxtasy Monday, 13 Jan 2020
WA, 3893 posts
Monday , 13 Jan 2020 12:12PM
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Many of our active team members and all our captains (past and current) had a get together on the South Perth Foreshore last night to celebrate our best ever annual performance. Unfortunately we didn't have the actual cup to gloat over but we did have a commemorative poster the team made up as a thank you presentation to Windxtasy, the team captain for the last 7 years, which shows us in #1 for Australia out of 31 active teams, and #2 internationally our of 57 active teams.
From left to right, back row then front row
JJ, Boz, Windtech, Woody-Mark, Chris Porter, Lunny, Ricey, Pacey, Cannonball, Crimson Flash 2.
Flatchat, Tailwind, Lao shi (former captain), Windxtasy (current captain), Mineral (founding captain)

lao shi
WA, 1204 posts
Monday , 13 Jan 2020 12:25PM
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Who's that bloke on the left trying to not associate with slapper sailors any more ????
Thanks for organising and good to catch up with team mates past and present.
Well done to the team for the win and windxtasy for her leadership.????

VIC, 4842 posts
Monday , 13 Jan 2020 3:29PM
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A great season effort. Congratulations to all!

WA, 510 posts
Monday , 13 Jan 2020 5:47PM
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Well done Pinna's, a talented and determined team. Deserving winners

WA, 4028 posts
Monday , 13 Jan 2020 7:18PM
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Extremely happy for you guyz and thoroughly deserved

WA, 2930 posts
Monday , 13 Jan 2020 9:30PM
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Well done Anita and boys, well deserved
Just for you, I'll make the sacrifice and drive all the way over to LG and pick up the cup

WA, 140 posts
Monday , 13 Jan 2020 9:36PM
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Congratulations to Team Pinnaroos!

You were very consistent for the whole year & skillfully picked where & when to sail, especially in the last few months.

QLD, 529 posts
Tuesday , 14 Jan 2020 9:16AM
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Good effort team

WA, 8009 posts
Tuesday , 14 Jan 2020 7:36PM
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WEll done and deserved Team Pinna's

QLD, 2015 posts
Tuesday , 14 Jan 2020 11:00PM
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Well done Peskies. Will Ross ever let you back in to Fangyland?

anthony perkins
TAS, 341 posts
Wednesday , 15 Jan 2020 8:07AM
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Nice sailing by all the team all year, welldone from the Tassie team

WA, 3893 posts
Wednesday , 15 Jan 2020 8:47AM
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Thanks everyone. It was a tough challenge but enjoyable. SEQ pushed us all the way and in the end it was one Albany session ( and 17 PBs!) that made the difference. Commiserations to SEQ who have been in the top 3 for the last 5 years without winning.

TAS, 1872 posts
Friday , 17 Jan 2020 7:27PM
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Well done Team Pinnaroos! Fantastic effort.


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