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Bic techno 283 30knt??

Created by jirvin4505 2 months ago, 14 Feb 2019
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14 Feb 2019 11:29AM
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My mate tony got a 2sec peak 27knts on his old Bic techno 283 150l 69 wide

so now we are wondering if 30knts is available?? As a bit of a lark/challenge

it was gusty Bribie passage rough chop. 7m gun gsr sail 90kg
board had been modified for shallow water work tri fin set up

we were sailing deep water but still had the tri fin setup

whats thoughts on getting this old beater to 30knts??

Chop the turned up nose off?
add cut always?
go back to single fin?

of course wait for a flat water opportunity = Burrum Windfest

anybody got speed figures for the techno?

cheers Jeff

WA, 840 posts
14 Feb 2019 11:34AM
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Hey Jeff, I reckon with flat water and enough wind you will get to 30 pretty happily. I have a mid-nineties F2 Xantos 310 and have managed 34+ knots in the right conditions. The nose was chopped off to decrease the chance of damaging the sail, the bottom given a cleanup and sanding but otherwise, it is the original single fin. I don't know how the two boards compare side by side, but I still reckon Burrum should see that 30 done and dusted. Have fun!


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"Bic techno 283 30knt??" started by jirvin4505