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GPS Team Challenge..... 4 Years on

Created by Wineman > 9 months ago, 2 May 2011
NSW, 1364 posts
2 May 2011 10:29AM
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Happy 4th birthday to the GPSTC

May 2007 was the first month the site went live.

I think Gaz summed it up very neatly in another thread.

Gaz45 said...
A huge thanks to Hardie and Nebs for running the GPSTC. It has transformed the sport into something that is a lot more social than it used to be as well as being able to push yourself either individually or in a team situation as yesterday.

You created a monster Hardie, but what a great thing it turned out to be.

The growth has been phenominal.
So many people - in so many countries - having fun.

Good onya!

WA, 6177 posts
2 May 2011 8:47AM
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Has it been 4 years already? Wow.

I'm always humbled by comments like this one (and Gaz's), they are very much appreciated.

WA, 4003 posts
2 May 2011 9:08AM
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lao shi
WA, 1196 posts
2 May 2011 9:48AM
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A big thanks from all the Pinaroos

NSW, 2839 posts
2 May 2011 1:53PM
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Hardie and Nebs, thanks and congrats from the Roaches!!!!

TAS, 1848 posts
2 May 2011 5:58PM
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Ditto from the Tassie Speed Seekers, ...

NSW, 453 posts
2 May 2011 6:01PM
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ka43 said...

Hardie and Nebs, thanks and congrats from the Roaches!!!!


WA, 9225 posts
2 May 2011 7:12PM
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lelos12345 said...


Think you should rethink that, if hardie and nebs had any control over the wind, it would only appear in the West!
Unless they were visiting the East of course.

Erik Loots
WA, 15 posts
2 May 2011 7:35PM
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Very Good job, the focus for pure fun speedcompetition is just perfect! Bringing people together and have fun. Keep up the good work!


NSW, 8584 posts
2 May 2011 10:32PM
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Yes, I hope all active participants of the Challenge enjoy it. Personally I've made developed a few friendships through the Challenge. It gets a bit frustrating sometimes but overall gives a different dimension to windsurfing.

WA, 7919 posts
2 May 2011 8:50PM
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4 years of hell you bastards!!!!!!!!!!

You pair of sadistic monkey ball licker's forcing me to actually (attempt to) gybe properly

WA, 918 posts
2 May 2011 9:12PM
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Yeah, top work guys. I often mention the impact you guys have had on the sport to none windsurfing types - they're always blown away by the number of countries and sailors participating. You've lit a fire in so many of us..

little things
big things
From li.....

QLD, 3400 posts
2 May 2011 11:45PM
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Great work guys

304 posts
3 May 2011 3:42AM
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Thanks from me as well, and from my credit card company. Joined in September last year with 1 cammed sail. Now have 4 and a slalom board and a speed board and a quiver full of fins.
Really enjoy how my local spot (Portland Harbour UK) and this complement each other. Every wind direction gives something to go for somewhere in the harbour. Yesterday was choppy Easterly but wind from the east is more consistent so got my best mile yet.
It is a great competition

VIC, 752 posts
3 May 2011 9:58AM
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I agree,

What an awesome way of bringing windsurfers with the same 'tweaking' mindset together to compare speed.

I enjoy the beach conversations and the sight of the Southerly Busters when we're having a great run down the inlet.

It's awesome to see where you are in the world and setting your goals based on teh site.

Well done, keep up the vital service!!

WA, 3871 posts
3 May 2011 10:32AM
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redsurfbus said...

Thanks from me as well, and from my credit card company. Joined in September last year with 1 cammed sail. Now have 4 and a slalom board and a speed board and a quiver full of fins.
It is a great competition

Ditto from me.
When I joined up a year ago I said "OK, I'll buy a slalom board but I'm not going to be sucked in to buying a whole lot of expensive new gear." Famous last words. 3 cammed sails and 2 speed fins later...
If only the skill level matched the financial outlay...
Windsurfing retailers must love you guys!

On the upside it is fun and the best way ever to meet new like-minded friends., and you don't even need to be a good sailor.
I used to sail alone, and mostly at the one venue. Now I sail all over the place and know people where ever I sail.
The GPSTC certainly encourages you to push your limits and set new goals. Achieving them is another thing, but it's good to have a challenge.
Best thing ever to happen to windsurfing.

QLD, 4800 posts
3 May 2011 1:27PM
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Firstly congratulations on turning 4.
Having joined two and a half years ago, for me anyway, through the Challenge I have meet some great people that I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to do so and got to sail in spots I would never have thought of going to. For a sport which is very individually focused the GPSTC has provided a team element which gives me the incentive to compete with (& against) my team mates and contribute to our overall standing whilst pushing me to better myself every time I go sailing.

Kudos to Nebs and Hardie (and others) for reinvigorating our great sport.

WA, 2855 posts
3 May 2011 3:35PM
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4 Years

Wow that's gone fast. Happy to say my mob's been in it from day one, started with just 2 of us, junior and old bastard and with only wave and free ride gear. Pleased that through GPSTC I have dragged quite a few sailors back onto the water and now have nearly 30 sailors in our team, everyone of them now a good friend.

I'm also humbled that no matter where I go, GPSTC members are so keen to say hi, become instant friends and are more than willing to help with any thing in any way they can.

As said before, GPSTC has become a retailers dream come true. The amount of gear just my team has bought and the fact some have gone all the way from freestyle to speed gear, lots of smackeroonies.

Biggest mobs of thanks Hards & Nebs, happy 4th and see you end of year

60 posts
3 May 2011 4:26PM
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Thanks a lot

QLD, 537 posts
3 May 2011 9:09PM
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Wow, time flies when your trying to go quick, I still remember the first day we all sailed together as a team at VP Nebbs included, May the 12th I think. Have met some great people and made lots of friends because of the challenge and also spent plenty of $s on speed. This challenge has definately been good for the sport and the retailers, thanks Hardie and Nebbs for your hard work. Heres to another 4 years and I hope I have joined the 40 club by then.

1548 posts
3 May 2011 10:13PM
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i believe i've seen it evolve and it amazes me how much enthusiasm there is...too bad we can't even get a pair to go at it here..I've tried my best though...cheers to all of ya

TAS, 2408 posts
6 May 2011 2:18PM
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Swore I'd never use cambered sails or own a slalom board.
Since september when I was introduced to GPS sailing I've owned 5 race sails 2 slalom boards and a speed board and have just replaced one of the slalom boards.

Thanks guys you've made me poor again and caused me to neglect the waves a bit.

But you've also motivated me like never before. Awesome work

TAS, 1848 posts
6 May 2011 11:24PM
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... and you've almost covered 5000 km in that time

WA, 325 posts
6 May 2011 10:14PM
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4 years ago I started doing a renovation on my house, took an Arvo off to go for a sail with my new gps.
4 years later I am just getting back into finishing that reno, have grown my quiver from 3 wave sails with a FSW board to 5 slalom sails + 3 wave sails, 2 speed boards, 2 fast freerides and a wave board plus a s£€tload of fins and other spares.

I have also become a Mandurah mobber, met a lot of great people, joined the 40 knot club and had a bloody great time along the way.

My sailing is still evolving and improving

GPSTC has been great for windsurfing across all areas, hats of to Hardie and Nebs for getting it going and keeping it going.


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