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Locosys GW-60

Created by sailquik 7 months ago, 5 Oct 2016
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22 Apr 2017 10:26PM
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N sec is used for the average of the 5 best results, so for the GTC we set this to 10s because the 5x10 is one of the divisions we compete under.
m sec is a later addition so we can see the 2s average.
The reset button in the adjust window is for the settings, the data and display reset is on the "log data" window.
And the "update" button is for updating the watch to your changes in settings, perhaps this is why, it always came back to 63, you hadn't hit "update"?
I haven't used that reset button, I'm not sure exactly what it does, but factory defaults is a good guess.

Yes correct, the RSLT windows are the scrolling speed genie display, and indeed speed of this is controlled by "scroll sec".

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24 Apr 2017 9:23AM
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Most of the GW60 settings issues come from using the wrong utility version.
For AR(Alpha-Racing) firmware, the GW60AR Util should be used.

>Does the Reset button reset the data for a new session or reset the dropdown boxes above to factory settings?
The "Reset button" in the GW60AR Util/option panel will reset the device to factory settings.
After firmware update, it is recommended to do factory reset to prevent settings incompatible.

If you have any doubt on changing the settings, the "Back CFG"/"Restore CFG" commands can help you
to save and restore your old settings.

>There must be a setting for how long each screen stays on, scroll sec right?
Yes. "SCROLL" option is a global settings for screen display time.

>Whats the difference between MSEC an d NSEC?
GW60 AR firmware provides 2 time-based SPEED average results for each run , named NSEC and MSEC.
NSEC will be used to in "5 # NSEC" result screen(TOP 5).
MSEC will be used only in "TOP RSLT" result screen.

Below is the latest AR firmware/AR UTIL version fyr:
AR firmware:V1.2A0314B
AR UTIL: V1.5A0310B

For more details , you can refer to files below(included in the AR firmware pack file):

BTW, for first time AR firmware user, a bike-riding test to verify all your settings is a good idea.

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24 Apr 2017 4:44PM
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The Gw60 has a power saving mode, if it's been asleep for 10days it turns right off and will no longer respond to the mode/back button. It has to be connected to power to wake it up again.
I guess some of you had already worked this out, but it caught me out the other day. Trouble with having weekly wind until autumn arrives

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25 Apr 2017 2:19PM
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Agrid said..

Jacko51 said..

Have been trying to update to current version.(V1.5A0310B ? ) The above is what I have ended up with. As can be seen there is only two column's in the Options area unlike the one for Agrig's which has three. I also note that the Device info has V1.2A0314B but the header line has V1.1B1021B. ( Agrig's has Device V1.2A0314B Header V1.5A0310B )
Can some one please advise where I am going wrong.
(P.S Have just purchased a new Laptop which has Windows 10. Finding it a bit difficult to navigate around. Previously using XP.)

You have to uninstall the old Util. Download the new files from Dropbox, and use the existing updater to send the new bin file to the watch. Then install the new utility.

Thanks. Finally got it figured out after many tries but had to uninstall all of the files and reloaded them as you suggested. Found all the current downloads here.
All I have to do now is recover from injury and get back on the water.

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Friday , 19 May 2017 4:09AM
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How can enable an option in my watch to sygnalise beating a record in particular session by voice

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Friday , 19 May 2017 8:18PM
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Valdaron said..
How can enable an option in my watch to sygnalise beating a record in particular session by voice

The GW60 doesn't have voice capability, but it does have a buzzer, the trouble is my old ears don't hear the buzzer on the water, but if you have young ears you may hear it.
But I've no idea if the buzzer sounds each time you get a faster run.


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