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cheap phone for GPS log it

Created by Windxtasy A week ago, 15 Feb 2020
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15 Feb 2020 5:45PM
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GPS logit and associated paraphernalia would have to be the most frustrating equipment I have ever used because so often it doesn't work or works for a short time then stops, however, when it does work it is very useful.
Last week I had a big crash which put a hole in the dripack and drowned the cheap phone I had log it installed on.
Last year I bought another cheap phone and tried to install log it but it wouldn't work - can't remember why.
Are there any cheap phones currently available that people have successfully uploaded logit to? or is there a better speed talk program /device available now?

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Saturday , 15 Feb 2020 10:47PM
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This one is at Coles this week, Has the advantage of being Android 8 so the latest version of GPS-Logit should run on it. (I haven't tried it

i seem to remember that there are some tricks to turn all the background things off. But I think the biggest issue is make sure not to accidentally touch the screen. I must be doing something trght because it usually works for me every session.

The speed talk is addictive. I can't stand being without it now.


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