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August noreaster?

Created by slalomfreak 7 months ago, 4 Aug 2018
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4 Aug 2018 8:42PM
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Sunday 5 August
North to northwesterly about 10 knots tending north to northeasterly 15 to 20 knots in the early afternoon.
0.5 metres.

How goods that for early August.
Hope I haven't jinxed it.

Tony Wills
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5 Aug 2018 10:57AM
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Last Sunday, 20km sailed in perfect cruising NE on Jervis Bay.
Friday, 75km at Sanctuary Point.
Today? Who knows but let's hope!!!

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7 Aug 2018 8:50PM
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Strange north Easter, up at Pittwater,it was solid 15 gust 20 knots .
i noticed that it was not on near kymeema .
Not strong enough to go south ?

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10 Aug 2018 2:51PM
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It's 12 knots + NE at Manly and I can see someone out at Wanda - not bad for a Friday arvo in August.

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11 Aug 2018 8:23AM
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It got around to the northeast yesterday arvo in Newcastle. I'm a little confused where all these northeasterly forecasts are coming from as the
ocean temperatures are not exactly freezing
Considering the temperature has been in the low 20's in the afternoons in newy and the ocean temp is roughly 16 to 18, that doesn't seem like much of a difference to me. However it won't be long before the temps are hitting 30 again and if the ocean stays at about 18 to 20, maybe we are in for a good spring northeasterly season? Lord I hope so. I'm dying here.

Tony Wills
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13 Aug 2018 5:13PM
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I've had five NE sessions here in the Shoalhaven over the past two weeks. Okay, so whilst none of them have been nuking, it's been fantastic cruising conditions on the 8.6 - 7.8 sizes. Like any drug however, I want more!!!!


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"August noreaster?" started by slalomfreak