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Foiling Coal point

Created by fanatic02 Two weeks ago, 1 Apr 2019
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1 Apr 2019 8:06AM
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This is my first attempt at drone footage , also have only just started drone flying , the footage is a bit jerky but gives a good view of our local spot . The Stars are Andrew Haigh , Steve Lydiard and Phantom 4 Drone

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1 Apr 2019 8:31AM
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Nice one Greg, i don't look half bad for a learner ?? keep up the good work

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1 Apr 2019 8:43AM
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1 Apr 2019 8:45AM
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Nice job GK. Looks like a great spot to sail. Foiling fascinates me, but have never got around to trying it.

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1 Apr 2019 11:13AM
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Nice vid!
Good foiling guys.
Great location

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2 Apr 2019 5:59AM
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You are a talented man Greg, making Andy and Lyds look good, hard to do

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2 Apr 2019 7:46AM
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Nice gybe Andrew, the video looks great

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2 Apr 2019 10:10AM
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Nice vid - I guess you guys get a lot more TOW with foils.

Seems to me that a lot of places that didn't have enough wind for consistent regular windsurfing (e.g. Sydney Northern Beaches) are going to be popular again for foiling

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2 Apr 2019 4:26PM
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What are the 2 board & foils used?

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2 Apr 2019 7:44PM
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BSN101 said..
What are the 2 board & foils used?

I'm on a Isonic 127 (2017) with the Slingshot Infinity 76, Andy is on a Simmer board with the Slingshot Ghost Whisperer

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3 Apr 2019 9:04AM
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Nice work Greg! Drones certainly give a more visual appeal to our sport

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Tuesday , 16 Apr 2019 12:24PM
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Great video Greg. Coal looks so pretty in videos, especially drone ones.
Nice sailing Godzilla..


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