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Sailing Queens Lake

Created by iam5speed Thursday, 15 Aug 2019
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Thursday , 15 Aug 2019 5:55PM
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Hi all

Taking the family to Bonny Hills this xmas and hoping to do some flat water sailing.
Can anyone give me some up to date info on sailing Queens Lake please?

A JP SLW is my only board so hoping for some 10 to 15kn breezes.
Is the lake deep enough for my 56cm fin and is there any weed?
Is the sailing club the only place you can sail from?

Is the river a better proposition than the lake?

If you have a secret spot, you can tell me i wont tell a sole

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Monday , 19 Aug 2019 9:30AM
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The speed sailing part of the lake is a shallow mudbank at the eastern end of the lake. It is super shallow and super weedy there, so stay away from that section. The rest of the lake is usually deep but there is still weed about, and without a weed fin it does become frustrating. Light NE seabreezes are usually sketchy (gusty/weak) at Queens too.

An alternative flat water spot is the Hastings River at Mark Jordan's shop (Jordan's Boating Centre) in Port Macquarie. When the NE comes up you will have some company by sailing there as well. Another spot is on the Town Green in Port Macquarie, but with a fin that large you would need to be careful of the sandbanks around pelican Island.

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Yesterday , 19 Aug 2019 1:34PM
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South West Rocks is worth a look in a NE. Most sail from the camp grounds of the goal. If you're
there pre Xmas might be room to park but if around New Year will be packed.

Short easy walk out to where wind fills & deep enough for your fin to clear, probably sail-able in
most tides except super low and flat inside Laggers Point.

'PhilSWR' is one of the local sailers.


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