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Anyone heading to new cal in the next months ??

Created by seanhogan Friday, 15 Mar 2019
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Friday , 15 Mar 2019 10:34AM
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Hi guys & girls,

Bought a sail on buy&sell and had it delivered at surffx (thanks Ian !) cause a mate of mine was over there.
Too bad the sail arrived one day after he flew back to New cal !

So I'm now trying to find a way to get the sail home !
If anyone is coming over on a cruise or flying in please let me know; I'd be glad to buy a few/lot of beers for the help !

If flying over, Aircalin has a free sport luggage policy, and it's only a 4.4 sail !
Thanks in advance


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Friday , 15 Mar 2019 11:23PM
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I may know someone and you could even ask him directly


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"Anyone heading to new cal in the next months ??" started by seanhogan