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Manly foreshore dog off leash area

Created by evilC 3 months ago, 11 Nov 2019
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11 Nov 2019 5:29PM
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If you have rigged in dog ****, had a dog run over your sail or sailed into a swimming dog please complete the survey.

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11 Nov 2019 10:51PM
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Done. Stupid dog jumped on my sail while I was rigging last week. Why do people have to come to this tiny already overcrowded spot with their stupid dogs that they are too useless to control? Yes, feeling grumpy!

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12 Nov 2019 9:15AM
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The off leash area is the beach only according to the council map, it is not the grass area above the rock wall so dogs off leash in that area are illegal, I think a constant flow of reports via email with pics to the councillor responsible for the trial may be beneficial in preventing it becoming permanent.

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13 Nov 2019 9:35AM
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evilC said..
If you have rigged in dog ****, had a dog run over your sail or sailed into a swimming dog please complete the survey.

Yeah was there last week. Dogs are a problem. Ran over my sons kite.
I have filled in my objection. Surely they can find a better spot than such a popular kite and windsurf spot .

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14 Nov 2019 11:15AM
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Thanks guys for signing this petition, if you could inform your fellow sail boarders of this petition that would be great. We the local kiters have been pushing this issue for some months now. Hopefully with a united front we can talk some sense in to the council and continue to share all of these local areas without conflict or damage to our watercraft from dogs on the loose.

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14 Nov 2019 12:55PM
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YES DONE. Witnessed a couple watching their dog crap on the beach. All they did was move further along the beach. What to do protect Kite or Sail or pick up after the dog owners.

Mr Keen
QLD, 111 posts
14 Nov 2019 5:57PM
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I don't have the time but, if someone could organise an event and show the council how many of us there are and just inundated the beach with gear. Kites and wing dings too, the more the better. Or at the very least make it a regular rest stop when out in the bay...

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14 Nov 2019 9:43PM
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RQ this afternoon. 2 dogs in water off the jetty side chasing a pelican. Got some photos but dogs were a long way out. Owner wasn't even watching.

Mr Keen
QLD, 111 posts
2 Dec 2019 11:51AM
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They do listen, the more of us that engage the council the better.
See below...
Dear Jayson I refer to your concerns regarding dogs off leash in Davenport Drive, Manly. I have received a response to my submission which I made on your behalf outlining your concerns from Council's Parks Division - Foreshore Dog Off Leash Area Project Branch (see below) regarding this case.
Jayson, currently, Council is trialling this area for 12 months for a dog off leash area. If you wish to discuss this response further with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerelyPeter CummingCouncillor for Wynnum Manly 3A/212 Bay Terrace WYNNUM Q 4178 PH: 3403 2180 From: Parks

Sent: Wednesday, 27 November 2019 11:20 AM
To: WynnumManly Ward Office
Subject: Customer Reference ID : 10630450 Dear Cr Cummings, Thank you for your representation on behalf of constituent, Mr Jayson Manners. We apologise in the delay of responding. Under Council's Animal Local Law, which applies to the foreshore, dog owners must ensure that in a public place their dog is under effective control and securely restrained. When using our foreshore off-leash areas, dog owners must still ensure that their dog is under an appropriate level of control and that it is not being allowed to scare other people or animals. It is also a requirement for all dog owners to pick up after their dogs when in a public space, including on our foreshore areas. As part of the trial there is an increased presence of Compliance & Regulatory Services (CARS) Officers at all of the foreshore dog off-leash areas. Initially, CARS officers were engaging the public to educate and inform regarding the trial and where dogs are and are not allowed off-leash. As part of an escalation Strategy Compliance Officers are now also issuing zero value prescribed infringement notices (PINs). This records the incident and the dog owner but the with no monetary value to the Infringement. As the trial progresses, if CARS Officers issue a PIN to a previous offender, they will also have the option to institute the fine with the notice as part of the escalation of enforcement. If members of the public are observing inappropriate behaviour on our foreshore areas (such as dogs being allowed to scare other people or animals), then I would encourage them to report this to Council by contacting our Contact Centre on 3403 8888. Kind regards Foreshore Dog Off-leash Area project team

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2 Dec 2019 6:15PM
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This is response I got.
Dear Simon Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded this to the Council staff. In addition, I suggest you contact the Call Centre when dogs are not being managed and ask for a Council staffer to attend. They are open 24/7 on 3403 8888.If calls are registered about dogs not behaving this is one way to let Council know what is happening.

My original message
Good morning, just wanted to bring to your attention the problems the trial off leash dog beach in front of RQYS is causing . I am. Local resident have been for 25 years and an active member of the windsurfing community at manly and I am currently the president of the Bayside windsurfing club. My members have asked me to contact re the off leash area. Unfortunately alot of the dog owners have no control over there dogs once off leash and there has already been several incident where dogs have run over sails and kites. These rigs can be worth several thousand of dollars and as you can imagine the owners are not happy (dogs have claws). Also the influx of so many more people has made the already limited parking even worse. Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter
Simon fyfe

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2 Dec 2019 6:35PM
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I have lobbied the council for years to have dog owners stopped from letting their animals run free on the foreshore mainly to protect the birds which are fully protected by RAMSAR with absolutely no success. I have contacted the federal government, RAMSAR, all political parties, council, conservation groups and the newspapers. Nobody cares, the owners are verbally abusive and threatening, the police who do not have enforcement even say they get an earful. I have had on two occasions council parks officers refusing to even talk to people saying it was not their duty to do so.
Good luck with the council as what they say and what they do is two different things. Dogs groups are very powerful in defending the rights of owners and most dog owners think their pet is above the law at the expense of natural animals.


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