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Stolen/lost windsurf boards

Created by Ninxy 2 months ago, 30 Nov 2019
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30 Nov 2019 1:12PM
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I think someone has stolen our windsurfing boards from our car roof (Sunshine Coast QLD). They were tightly strapped and we dont believe that we would have lost them on the road. It was a jp freestyle pro 2016 and a jp wave board pro 2017. If someone is trying to sell them here or anywhere else, can you notify us about it?
Much appreciated!!!

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30 Nov 2019 6:48PM
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Very sad to hear that. I'm sure the windsurf community will keep their eyes peeled. May be worth notifying second hand shop chains- I know someone whose board showed up at a far away Cash Converters some time later.

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1 Dec 2019 8:38AM
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I'm on the sunny coast will keep an eye out and spread the word, Hopefully the dogs get caught and you get your gear back.


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"Stolen/lost windsurf boards" started by Ninxy