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Wellington Point in a SE

Created by JR007 7 months ago, 16 Sep 2018
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16 Sep 2018 8:01AM
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Today looks like a SSE. My first time sailing at Wellington Point. Where do I launch from? I see there is a jetty facing east with a boat ramp either side. We just use one of them I guess? Or I see on the map there is another smaller boat ramp further south nearer to the playground. Would that be better? I just want avoid the rocks as much as possible as I hate wearing booties !!

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16 Sep 2018 7:38PM
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The one further south is better. No boats, and a better angle to launch without hitting the jetty or shallow water.

High tide you are fine pretty much everywhere but be careful at low tide as there are lots of really shallow areas.
Stick to the channel markers till you work out where they are and out past the channel markers its all deep enough.

Often more wind out past the channel markers especially in a S, or SSE.
SE its the same everywhere.
Have fun, i'm sure there well be locals there every day its windy to point out the hazards

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31 Jan 2019 9:01PM
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Thanks for the tip.

This weekend is forecast for a ESE - I'm planning to go Saturday morning. High tide around 8am.

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1 Feb 2019 8:27AM
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Thompson beach in an ese is also ok if you want to avoid crowds.


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