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Created by Alemile 9 months ago, 17 Jun 2018
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17 Jun 2018 11:03PM
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I sail in the Mediterranean Sea (Spain) with a JP Freeride 110 l and sails 7.5, 6 and 5.3 m. I weight 70 kgs, sail planning (with harness and footstraps), my waterstart is ok and I achieve to complete 50% of tacks and gybes (but I only know how to do them sailing with my right hand forward).

I want to change my unique board for 2: one of 95-100 l for the good days and one of 120-130 for the summer light wind days .

The doubt: for the big board, I doubt between the Starboard Carve 121 (252x72.5) and the 131 l (252x75.5). I want to properly learn the jibes / tacks and windsurf every day I can. However, I do not want to be on a excess of size (liters and / or width) and suffer with the chopy. And I do not think that I ever have a bigger sail than 7.5-8 m...

What would you recommend, 121 or 131 liters ???

Thank you very much and apologies for the tirade!

WA, 247 posts
19 Jun 2018 1:17PM
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Go the 121, cant comment on the board as I haven't used one. Should be plenty big for your weight and 7.5.


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